Sexy Sesame Street

Remember on “Two and a Half Men” how Charlie found that side effect promising?

Thank God for the option of autoerotica! Most women I know are insulted by it, as if there is any real competition between imagination and reality!
Slut? No, just good eye candy.

Dirty old man… :laughing:

Who said the Beach Boys faded away?

Is Katy Perry to blame or is it Sesame Street for letting her on set in that outfit?

Well, maybe the Beach Boys have become retro rave, a sort of immortality; but the bronzed beach bunny has serious competition with the dark-haired gothic.
Who’s to blame? Neither Perry nor Sesame St. It’s St. Augustine. The same man who thought unbaptized babies go directly to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00, who wrote his “Confessions” in fits of guilt over his homosexual tendencies (See Matthew Fox). If you’ve read Maugham’s “Rain” or have seen the movie, youll understand how repressed sexuality, sublimated as religion, doesn’t always sublimate as pedophile priests can confess!

Ahh you make me giggle. Perhaps there is some middle ground between the bunny and the goth. Does the movie have the same title as the book? There seem to be a million movies with that name. I will have to read it.

1970 version was “Rain” with Carol Baker. Check Bing. The 1928 version, “Sadie Thompson”, starred Gloria Swanson. In both films hollywood found the best possible seductive actresses to play the part. But, back to the front, is Perry sexy by an act of God or by media hype? Both would excuse her from moralistic interpretations of her video. And, Sesame Street has pulled it. Thankfully, You Tube has not. Is You Tube, then, irreligious? Or just popular enough to ward off attacks from the anal-retentive fringe?