Shameless self-promotion

On August 16, as far as I know, I will be doing my first ever internet radio show, which is slated to air weekdays at 9:00 am (UTC - 5 hours, or EDT). I have never done anything like this before, so it might suck. But feel free to call in and harass me. We won’t be talking philosophy, except that everything is philosophy. Here’s the link to the website:

I am not the Hurricane, by the way.

I need topics. Please give me some suggestions.

Bookmarked and ready to be entertained! Sounds like a sweet gig, Faust.

You’ll hate my topic suggestion, but it’s a surefire pander to the para-intellectual crowd: Nothing.

The Seinfeldians will swarm you. I, of course, would be in there like a dirty shirt (assuming I’m back from doing nothing on vacation, and that my wife is out shopping or something…).

Alternatively: Windows. Do we need them any more. What’s there to look at independent of the Screen?

Lower back pain?

Any sense of who the audience is going to be?

I checked the link and all I got was coming soon. So what is the general hook? Who are you planning to talk to? It’s a bit difficult to suggest topics unless the answer is “everything”.

I think the audience will be fairly young. 20’s-30’s. The owner of the station will have two shows - he’s 39 and had a following on a local AM station until recently. I want to focus on the arts, going out, food and drink, maybe travel. Having fun. Hanging out. I think I’ll have a weekly feature with a beer expert, recommending some esoteric beer or other to try. I’m going to try to find a chef for a quick cooking tip, weekly. I’ll have local musicians on - want to have some live, in-studio music no one has ever heard of. Just one song, just quick. I’m going to pick a word from urban dictionary to discuss. Try to do some comedy, some satire. I want to talk about your downtown - why you go, why you don’t. Tattoos. Stupid Massachusetts gun laws. Facebook. Maybe some waiter rants.

Hmmm…maybe I should check out Rant House.

I like the no windows idea, Oughtie.

Here’s a topic:

How the US is nosediving into rock bottom.

Oh, that’s boring/depressing/unappealing? Shit… I’m sort of a one trick pony in that regard.

Check out for ideas - they are reasonably funny, and have a format that might appeal to the demograph.

Faust Imus in the Morning. You might need some sidekicks.

I do need sidekicks. i have one lined up, I think. An old friend who never fails to piss me off.

Wait a minute, there’s another?

Keep all of it 30 second fluffy. End satire with a laugh line… You want the audience “in” on all the patter. If it get’s serious, you’ll lose them. Podcasting? Then deliver the 3 sentence ILP gloss. You know how. We’re experts! :laughing:

Sandy - you are more than welcome to call the show any time. Not that i would ever know that it’s you.

Tent - I probably would know it was you. Please, also, call. The number will eventually be listed on the station’s website.

I would like to call in, but you might have to tell me what is being talked about. The Internet connection at my house is really spotty which is why you almost never see me on during the a.m…

Ditto :slight_smile:

…and who knows… I might even get tempted to phone in :-"


It would save on heat, and give us less connection to nature. I think we should totally abandon our connection to nature, including human nature. Human artifact, that’s the ticket. I suppose we’d still have to have doors, though. But not ones with screens. Screens are for bona fide video emitters, not those realist images that mere glass tries to convey. The doors would be there in case we needed new screens.

You don’t need doors, you just need “screen flippers” like some of those cool websites that flip the pages of a catalog. You might need a toilet in the corner and a fridge full of cardboard pizza (loaded with healthy supplements) along with a variety of beverages. I suppose a drench shower in another corner might be used once in awhile… maybe not. The only thing missing is the robotic refill service of food, drink, and the yearly clothes change, and why would you need a door? You have no reason to leave your cell anyway. It’s still an inefficient half-way matrix, but I’m sure that the droud implant would come along rather quickly along with convenient plug-in nutrient and waste collection systems.

I can see it as the ultimate staycation solution… A month of virtual paradise in exchange for three or four months of RL slave labor. Doors? We don’t need no stinking doors…

“Coming soon” is all I get… no Faust.

Ditto. Faust, if this is promo, someone is screwing up. At least give us the phone number and your time slot. We’re all “coming soon”, but that is beside the point… :wink:

There have evidently been some delays due to technical reasons and because the owner of the station has been out raising money by selling advertising.

He tells me he’ll be in touch soon.

I’ll let you know.

Glad i haven’t made any announcements on Facebook, yet.

In the meantime, i have been working on getting my newspaper column syndicated. I write a local one, now. You can get a link on my FB page, but I’m not sure how interesting it would be if you don’t live around here. i am trying to do a column of more general interest, which i hope to sell to many papers. We’ll see.

Okay - we have a soft open (no publicity) the day after Labor Day. Again, I am not promising that it’ll be any good. I’m just a little concerned that no one will call. So, if you’re inclined…

You sure know how to shamelessly self-promote. :wink: