Sharing knowledge

:-k I love knowledge. To me knowledge should be shared. I have no degrees except from my experiences. (they do not give degrees in experiences). Philosophy and psychology are two great disciplines to share. Both can be controversial. How does one with no degrees apply these two disciplines as a learning tool for me and those I share them with? Thoughts please. pljames


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with love,

Use the psychology of devotion and apply it to your private collection of coherent wisdom/knowledge.
Use the psychology of self consciousness and apply it to verifying what you reason as indisputable before you choose to believe it.

And then there is always the psychology of SNL (“Signal to Noise Ratio”);

I am aware I exist. I am aware you exist. Now we exist. Why can’t the rest of the world do the same (with respect)? pljames :-k

Thank you the world needs more love understanding and respect. I am trying to just find where I fit in the world. pljames :-k

The Perception of Hope and Threat, “PHT”.
Which happens to guide literally ALL living entities.