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Australia has gone overboard on persecuting Johnny Depp’s two dogs. They won’t stop, make every absurd silly excuse to stir problems up. If anyone on that flight had rabies, it would of been Johnny, not his two stupid little dogs.

Very likely, the next tit for tat will be Australia making some asinine grand stand banning Depp from ever visiting again as persona non grata. I’m not really a fan of Depp, but it is very clear Australia is being a bunch of pogrom running dicks here to someone who made the most minor of mistakes, and recommend the United Nations impose a immediate travel embargo on all Australians trying to travel abroad, by air or by sea, enforced by a united nations peace keeping force spearheaded by Indonesia and New Zealand’s Navy and Airforce, backed by US and Chinese fighter craft and vessals providing logistic and tactical support, the second Australia announces this ban on Depp all smug like they’ve established a important precedent and victory, getting tough on the puppies of the rich, who may be carrying bubonic plague and whatsnot. Guess what? Of all fucking animals on the earth, including everyone reading this, they are the cleanest and best taken care of. 0.00000000000000000001 percent chance Depp’s stupid dog was carrying something that could collapse the ecology of Australia. His stupid dogs aren’t going to get loose, hump a dingo, that will result in the creation of a race of man eating wild dogs. Zero threat from these stupid dogs.

Dead serious… Australians need to be banned from any and all travel if they try anything repressive here. If they cry where to draw the line, tell them it’s to be drawn elsewhere, in a place that matters, and if they cry Slippery Slope, punch them in the fucking face… they have to stay put in Australia till they figure out why the rest of the world doesn’t want to deal with their stupidity. His stupid dogs aren’t going to turn into gremlins. They don’t even deserve to be called a dogs. Its just some pathetic furry thing of the pointlessly rich. Probably couldn’t even assault a hot dog successfully. Literally no risk of this thing overcoming any ecosystem, anywhere.

No dear they should not be banned from international travel any more
than you should be banned from starting a nonsensical thread like this

Your banned from calling me Dear.

Wow Turd is bitter!

Aren’t you allowed in Australia? HA!

Falsifying travel documents to sneak the dogs into the country without quarantine authorisation, is an offence.

No one is the above the law in Australia.

How does it work in America? Is Depp not accountable to the law.


Your banned from having a dick.

And like, the entirety of your country violates environmental laws. You have a unique track record at salienating the environment, bleaching reefs, and severe cruelity to animals. You admitted your own hobby is killing baby kittens, and you have a very abusive police force, and maintain island concentration camps, and violate UN Charters on Human Rights in the very laws of your constitution regarding racial relations.

Who the Fuck in your little island founded by English convicts actually follows any law? Nobody there gives a Fuck about your environmental laws… and this little thing isn’t gonna overrun your native wildlife, conquering it with it’s offspring. Look at it… honestly look at it. It would loose in a fight against a vegetarian iguana.

No one is above the law in Australia.

"Frank Sinatra referring to Australia’s journalists, he said: “They keep chasing after us. We have to run all day long. They’re parasites who take everything and give nothing. And as for the broads who work for the press, they’re the hookers of the press. I might offer them a buck and a half I’m not sure.”

Next morning the Australian Journalists’ Association demanded that Sinatra apologise for his remarks and Hawke quickly became involved.

By noon it was announced on Melbourne radio that airport workers would refuse to refuel Sinatra’s private jet. And it kept on snowballing. No member of an Australian union at an airport or anywhere else was permitted to provide any service to Sinatra whatever.

Hawke declared: “If you don’t apologise your stay in this country could be indefinite. You won’t be allowed to leave Australia unless you can walk on water.”

Just answer the question.

Falsifying documents is an offence.


why do you always advocate to resort to physical violence to settle a score?

Okay… so your country is openly compliment in false imprisonment too. Thats not the law, that’s a mob. In what Fucking crazy sense does your story imply the law was in force?

Your country needs bombed by kiwi jets, and occupied by Indonesian peace keepers, one Indonesia billeted per house, full fridge privledges.

I would also like to point out Sinatra was right… your country has since legalized prostitution since he made his observations. Police should of broken up the unions for violating his free speech and inhumanely forcing him to mingle with your lot. Nobody should be threatened with having to live in Australia. People die of skin cancer left and right, it’s like a open tanning booth never turned off. I don’t think it’s coincidental the hole in the Ozone Layer just “happened” to open up over your foul country.

Laughs Turd and his shitty threads.

[Zinnati clone also to boot.]

Joker, you need to watch Banished:

Seven episodes long, but gives great insights about the nature and consistency of Australian law. They were debating about eating people, despite worms being quite plentiful in the ground there. Didn’t even occur to them to eat the bugs, no… let’s jump straight into cannibalism and hang everyone for every Goofball reason and issue retarded threats. They are still making obscene threats to this day. They wanted to murder that poor little dog, those miserable backwards fucks.

Instead of hanging people, require them to eat mystery plants till they die… hopefully they won’t die of plant poisoning prior to discovering a few edible species. Worst ran colony ever.

Ummmm… cringe… HA!

Shieldmaiden is the head of The Ministry of Cynical Supposition


Love it. :laughing: spot on. Ten out of ten TF.

That was mocking you.

Okay, whatever…
Turd 4
Shiekdmaiden 0

Just too bad the stress of the Australian Government threatening to murder this dog caused them to announce their divorce yesterday. I hope someone smashes this minister’s kneecap in for it.

HA! that did not go unnoticed.

I was laughing at myself, as it sounded very familiar.

I have a weird sense of humour.

I found it ironic that a swashbuckling, gung ho, redneck called Barnaby Joyce got into an argument with Captain Jack Sparrow – to me, the name Barnaby Joyce sounds like a character from Dickens novel, a pirate or a 19th century poet – then I saw this… :laughing:


Alright, Ill be a sport and reduce it to
Turd Ferguson 3 1/2
Shieldmaiden 0
Catharsis’ Effect on Shieldmaiden 1/2