Should squirrels be domesticated?

I think it would be a good idea. Let’s face it, cats are gay. They don’t like you. They tolerate you, and when they feel like it they grant you the permission to pet them. Squirrels are cute, they are furry, so you can pet them, and they don’t eat much. I don’t know if they shit alot, or the smell of it either, but I don’t think it’s probably too bad or as bad as a cat. Plus they could climb onto your furniture, and that would be awesome. And have you seen the way they eat stuff? It is adorable.

Squirrels are pretty damned cute. But the better question is: can we?

My friend once captured a squirrel. He took the door off a closet, then put in a stick and some other things to make it a little home, then covered the door with some kind of squirrel-wire or something.

I went to his house once and he was getting the squirrel stoned by blowing second hand smoke through a metal tube which he had cornered the animal with.

In a way, it was pretty funny.

In some other ways, it wasn’t.

I dunno if I’d wanna see that kind of stuff happen to squirrels on a widespread basis.

If what you say about cats is true, then they probably deserve the kind of treatment pets sometimes get.

That is exactly why I like cats! they don’t really care, and if they come sleep on your lap then that’s because you’ve earned the privilege, all this requires is getting up in the middle of the night to feed them when they scratch your door, it’s funny because they don’t stop either until you do get up and then they sleep on your bed and somehow manage to take up the majority of it, and sometimes even, actually they do this often, but they like to throw up that food you’ve just fed them so that you’ll find it in the morning when you wake up, there ain’t a better way to start the day. Yeah, cats are cool. Squirrels are just rats with fluffy tails and they’ll chew all your wires up. Smears that whole scenario sounds pretty grim, how the hell does a stick make a home? :laughing:


I agree with Rebel.

Get a domesticated rat, its the same thing as a squirrel, the rats are smarter, easier to train and generally do not harbor diseased filled fleas and ticks or disease.

I don’t see why not. All it takes for this movement to get going is a Paris Hilton figure with a pet squirrel. This isn’t a question of human potential. We can do it. Problem is one of motivation.

[-X I am telling you squirrels harbor diseases, just like any rodent that carries parasites…some damn serious ones too. Look what the rats did in London. Get a pet that was born domesticated and free of disease carrying parasites. If you want cute, get a hamster or a bunny.



Ferrets are cool, smart ,cute highly trainable and they are Impish :laughing:


This is the best post I’ve read in some time. I fully concur.

Crouching tufty, hidden dragon: The amazing Kung Fu squirrels :open_mouth:

The last pic of the squirrel spectator’s is priceless :laughing:

This question, along with the question of infinite time and space, has always puzzled even the greatest of minds.