Should the Catholic Church Establish a Order of Hoverboard P

I really hope this catches on. I like how everyone is becoming indignant at the sight of a priest doing something ostentatious… clearly, these people don’t have eyes to notice all the silly stupid pomp that has nothing at all to do with Jesus… looks like some Deacons got a hold of a bedazzler at times through history in making their costumes.

Shoot, Jesus was usually a pedestrian, but he also walked on water. It shows this priest to be a man of his church, approachable, full of life. Why does the church hierarchy have to strip us of every good man? I don’t know if it’s possible to make it any less incentful to want to show up at church. They probably have some frowny, monotone priest there now doing mass, warning people about the seriousness of the church, and how the Vatican looks down on laughter. Never, ever smile or laugh in church… you can’t hide it, God will see you if you do, and will be Judged at the end of days if you dare. A Mass isn’t something one should go through smiling, it is a arderous, stern task one must bare discipline against the Latin harshness of, and survive!

Honestly, go make that Priest a Cardinal, send him to America.

Very interesting post … and enormously factual … Catholic Churches worldwide are quickly becoming relics of the past … almost empty except on major Feast Days.

OTH every institution has it’s worts … some have worts that are bigger and uglier than others … some have worts that are more visible than others.

I’d like to see one of those Buddhist monks who has achieved the highest level of mind control give birth to a healthy and hearty belly laugh … not likely to happen.

Reminds me of a question an acquaintance asked me many years ago … “What does a Master do after he achieves Nirvana?”
At the time I hardly knew what the notion Nirvana was all about … I replied … “I don’t know” He answered … “He/she chops wood!” Of course I took his answer literally until he … like Moreno … gave me the “IOW” … he/she gets up in the morning, washes his/her face, brushes his/her teeth and so on and so on. I think he was trying to tell me people who achieve Nirvana don’t stay long and return to their normal if not boring human life.

Back to the Catholic Church and the mention of Hoverboard. Perhaps many of those who still attend mass actually attend on a Hoverboard … they need something to transcend all the real crap that goes on during mass … many former Catholics argue the mass ritual itself is all ‘crap’.

OTH … don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

IMHO … the Catholic Church … it’s dogma, it’s doctrine and it’s rituals … need a serious face-lift to bring them into the 21st century. Pope Francis seems to be making an honest effort.


Where have they been?

Really good question Phyllo

I understand the trip to Nirvana to be a “mind journey” … ditto for the return.

I’ve never been so I can’t respond to the “where” component of your question :slight_smile: