Should the military be deployed to Chicago?

I dub it, “Gotham City”.

Anything goes.

My mind can be changed with reason but it is extremely rare that I ever come across a reasonable person at all.

Think of it like the Purge, but contained in one city so they all kill each other off.

Do not interrupt my Jokes.

Things may happen to you.

I’m very, very scared Trixie. Hope you’re doing well.

I said things may happen to you.

All good things, of course.

K: and thus giving a reason why your mind can’t be changed…
you are fixed into a certain mind set and you have declared
that nothing short of a “reasonable person” can change your mind
and who is that “reasonable person”? Turd? Trixie? Ucci?
the idea that only “Reasonable person” can change your mind is
to say, my mind is unchangeable… because no one outside of me is


When great thinkers, such as geniuses and writers, all indepndently come to the came conclusions, it is because their brains are wired in similar ways, namely, pattern detection.

Low energy individuals, ie. Dumb, Numb, Non-thinkers, are happy due to less energy causing more Cycles Loops and repetitions.

Don’t you think everyone is the same person, living one life of every person after another in succession?

Couldn’t similarities between people under this logic just he they are closely successive reincarnation, so default similar, instead of blaming repetitive loops?

It seems your favorite hobby is to undermine your own stated religious beliefs.

Said could be. I highly doubt everyone is sentient though, some could be pzombies.

I know, I was teasing you. :wink: … l?adkey=bn

Turd, why don’t you just wipe your ass with the constitution?

Joker, stop acting like you’re the only person in the world who ever struggled. When I see you telling people that they probably had it better than you, which you say to me all the time, I can’t help but laugh at how sad it is that that’s the only way you can justify the outcomes you’ve brought on yourself. It’s like you think you’re the only person who ever got shit on by the world and no one can understand and you’re right and they’re wrong because in your fantasy everyone is spoiled except you. Grow up dude.

I can’t, Obama used it for rolling paper.