SHOULD there be any difference?

You know that nature doesn’t think? Wow! Are you God? Give us a sign as proof or evidence for us humans!

You know that evolution has no purpose and simply happens? Wow! Are you God? Give us a sign as proof or evidence for us humans!

No, i’m not 100% certain with regard to my claims. i can’t prove that i am not a brain in a vat either. That hardly implies nature thinks or has a purpose. In any case, the point is trying to claim (as James did) that nature “obviously thinks” one way or another regarding the shoulds and shouldn’ts of gender roles is pretty much just making shit up.

The government and media are not trusted, they are at their lowest point. In my 50 years I have watched trust go to hell, from poor to wealthy.
The only ones out of millions that follow are the ones desperate to belong to a movement. Most just don’t listen. We are too busy trying to live. The media and government may be in most homes but, they are not part of that home. Gender, sex, the average human could not truly give a rat’s ass in hell.
They use the words depending upon who they talk to. Grandma, boss/ gender, friends, peers / sex.
What the words mean is not what the people use. Over reading can cause issues.

Yes, but that does not mean that they have no power. They are at the lowest point of their possibilities, but they are not at the lowest point of power.

Maybe, but the influence still exists. Most people do not really notice the influence.

:slight_smile: If the influence is not felt, does it make a sound?
I do see that if government and media are trying to influence they just are not putting in the effort. They are pointing their weapons of influence in other directions. Education is a major point.

The CIA makes a lot of movies that we watch, supports indirectly or has enlisted directors and actors.

Education is a major point, but the current education seems to tend to its lowest point. :wink:

You have started with a pitifully naive and ignorant appreciation of gender politics in general and equal rights legislation in particular.
Then you seem to confuse it with an irrelevant “naturalistic fallacy”.
These questions were answered 50 years ago.
Where have you been, on Mars?

Coming from one of the most youthfully ignorant of sources on this site…

Never mentioned “naturalistic fallacy” … must be something common to your mind.

…as I mentioned. The issue is trying to answer them correctly.

Growing up.
But have noticed your lack of presence there.