Should unborn children have rights?

About abortion cases?

Should you be allow to have abortions?
If someone comits a murder to a pregnant mother, do you hill two lives or one?

The right to life is paramount.

Because a unique individual human being begins to live that human being’s one and only life from the moment of conception, from that moment on the right to life is endowed that human being by that human being’s creator.

then why would a mother be charge of killing her own fetus?
huh huh huh.

Unborn children should have rights because they are still human, but they are not as powerful yet. Later on they will be able to defend themselves, but as babies they have no defense and they get sucked out through a meat grinder at american abortion clinics.

The entire human existential paradigm of moral right and classification is flawed strait through the core, having nothing left but non-reason built upon non-reason. They staggered through thousands of years, only to finally get to this shimmering era in which they simply became more capable of defeating themselves.

There is no wisdom here. Their society was not built by reason, but by force. And this force is like an earth quake or a storm, having no real reason or logic, simply enforcing and discharging itself upon this tiny, ignorable planet.

Higher beings take careful aim not to step in us, like a pair of expensive shoes over a pile of dog shit, as many men and women below think themselves to be the highest form of life.

How mad they are, how mad indeed.

Fetal and unborn memories are scientifically recorded facts, and yes, the unborn child is conscious very early on. The only half baked “scientific” argument left over is how well-developed the pain nerves are.

To answer your questions:

Unborn children have no rights.

Women should not be prohibited from having abortions.

The muderer has killed 1 person.

One who does not care for life, soon learns to hate it.
Those who love it, soon become a slave to it.

So, perhaps our society would follow down a path of self-destruction by killing fetus’ or maybe not. But do those people who spit upon the people making tough decisions really love life? Or do they love their ideals? All the while they are most likely consuming meats or harming the environment. So, do they really love life? Or are they so enamored with their ideals that they wish to punish those who are already punishing themselves?

One who is pro-life would ensure they would never harm any being. Refrain from stepping on a blade of grass, refrain from eating the flesh of animals; these are the virtues of one who is truly Pro-life. Those who sacrifice something which is bonded to them bleed themselves enough. When one walks in their shoes perhaps they may be able to decipher the feelings of loss. Until then my opinion is as such; Do not convolute other’s opinions with muddled ideals, take your own stance and keep its sanctity in your mind. Therefore abortion is right depending on the situation and the individual in my mind but I would not suppress something of such a circumstance upon anyone who makes the choice or looks down upon the chooser. Life goes on after death, at least for everyone else.

Moral relativism much, Satori? And a strawman attack, two for the price of one? The world isn’t perfect so fuck it- stick a coathanger into the brainpan of an unborn child? Will that move us towards your perfect world, or will you just join in grabbing yours while the shithouse burns? :wink:

While moral relativism may suck, at least it’s not as bad as wearing tinfoil hat. :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :smiley:

Should adult fetuses have “rights”?

If so, do they?

Only proletarians are slaves, as they cannot call their homes their own. All things are owned by the private capitalistic feudal lords. The land appears to be “his”, not “ours”.

Do they really love anything?
Or are they alone and spiritually deformed?

Would you rather I be a religious deontologist? Or maybe a utilitarian? My stance was that the women who often get abortions do it for their own reasons which we should not force upon them. I guess since I don’t have a set moral standard because various situations I deem require various solutions you can call me a relativist.
If you wish to mock my beliefs so be it; I shall not reciprocate.

Where is the strawman? I was simply giving my rationale.

I did not say that I just say fuck it. You mistake me for a nihilist. I feel sorry for the fact that a potential child must die but do you not feel more pity for those who are suffering while they are supposed to be “living”; such as children whose parents neglect/abuse them.

Perfection to me is a false idea it is nice to strive for but not attainable. I suppose this is your semblance of an ad hom at my statement. But I do practice good morals in my life. I believe killing of anything is wrong in a way. If you believe that my stance is as sad as you think so be it. And if you believe that fetus’ death equate to the world destruction well…perhaps you have a flair for the overdramatic.

But the tinfoil hat keeps the bad people out of my head!

So confuuused I am.


IT was this I was trying to get at, or is there something wrong with my logic? Or you all?

Should a gestating adult have rights?

No. Natural law 2.1103(b)(5)(G) states: Beings in gestation should possess no rights.

Do adults have rights?

Yes, when those rights can be exerted and enforced.

Should adults have rights?

Not unless they draft rules proclaiming that they have them.

As I said, nice straw man. You attack some fantastical belief that “they” may have to avoid discussing the actual issue. If, for the sake of argument, there is something more evil, does that change the original evil?

Hey, no problem with moral relativism- we’ve got the ethics smorgasborg here, pick & choose just the things you like. But be advised you’ll have a hard time crying wolf later.

Something that is not of this world does not have a right in this world…
Mothers who make the tough decision to murder their unborn children have the right.


Just because you may not glimpse what is in and of this world does not mean it isn’t in and of this world.

This world includes the womb, and, its contents: the unique and living individual human being.

I guess they have the “right” just as I would have the “right” to murder you. Which is to say, a right in a sense to act, but I would rightly have to face the consequences.

Not that I’d ever wanna bust a cap in yo’ ass, Thirsty. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I must be the only atheist/existentialist/quasi-nihilistic in the world that is against abortion. Mostly on the grounds that even a complete dullard should be able to ascertain that a baby is human regardless of his or her location/address.