Simple question about Asia & US policy:

Why would USA bitch about potential North Korean nuclear weapons whilst they themselves actually armed and added WMDs to South Korea, even placing nuclear weapons into South Korea themselves?

It sounds to me like: “Hey, we’re the only ones who get to have weapons, control trade, and make orders, even though we are not your government, nation or race.” – that message hidden between layers of frontal political bullshit, about freedom and supposed peace-keeping from the UN? Since when was the UN meant to initiate armed conflict against foreign nations?

I see one lie surrounded by others, and that is the packet they would preach.

South Korea doesn’t have nuclear weapons. We’ve had a security alliance with them since the 70s, as North Korea poses a threat to our interests, but despite this we still pressured them to abandon there Nuclear program. They have the technical capacity, but don’t possess any actual nukes. I mean, if N.Korea ever becomes aggressive we’ll want the battle to be on the Korean peninsula, and not somewhere else. Meaning the knowledge that we can safely mobilize right next door has to be some kind of deterrent.

The depleated uranium weapons in the US military base stationed within that country do qualify as nuclear weapons, but ofcourse the US military does not and will not release into the media that which it does not want other people to know about. The various weapons stored up in those US military areas include various weapons of mass destruction, which are neither south korean nor are they japanese, but are especially and strategically stationed for a rapid assault should any opportunity arise in which there is a chance or weakness, etc.

Korea was subject to various invasions from capitalist and communist foreigners. Stationing WMDs at the front door of a nation then signing UN sactions telling them it is forbidden to build more weapons, especially of a foreign nation that has nothing to do with the UN and is not within the UN, is as arrogant and stupid as ****.

Although I’m not familiar with the situation of Nuclear weapons on military bases in S. Korea, it seems likely. I would, however, point out that the U.S.'s modern nuclear arsenal’s methods of deploying the payload is overwhelmingly mobile.

I also don’t think it is necessarily “arrogant” to use the U.N. in the way that the U.S. does. If you’re working under the assumption that the U.N. is a legitimate independent governing body, then yes. Insofar as it is an organization created by the U.S. and her allies, to further the interests of the U.S. and her allies, then it is just another layer in the political game.

The US has reason to “bitch” about N. Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons because N. Korea has not demonstrated it can be trusted to refrain from transfering WMD to terrorist groups or regimes, and it is a threat to S. Korea, which may itself seek to secure such weapons in the face of its worst enemy having them. This could trigger other SE Asian countries to acquire nukes as well, possibly leading to a stand off between China and Taiwan, where US interests are involved. Nuclear prolifewration is perhaps the most vital issue facing the world in this century. We can’t stand idly by, supposedly constrainjed by some principle of reciprocity, and watch irresponsible regime acquire WMD. The US, as the world’s superpower has to take the lead to ensure that threats to world security are controlled. This doesn’t mean it should, or even can, act unilaterally.

South Korea can do what it wants. The US is just saying ‘don’t do it’. If South Korea develops nukes, I don’t think the US would do anything. At least the US shouldn’t, unless preemptive war is a strategy thought of as reasonable (Iraq).

tell that to the Cherokee…


Russia has already had allot of Nuclear weapons go missing, either sold to or stolen by illegal non-nationalities.

Israel is, in many ways, a “terrorist” group, and it has many nuclear weapons already.

They only want to totally disarm their enemies.
They do not want to stop crime or corruption.
They want defenseless enemies.

You think China doesn’t have nukes…?

The UN/USA sanctions banned all military production in N.Korea, not just nukes. They don’t want their foes to have a military.

Welcome to the New World Order.

It means one thing, one currency printed by one corporation that controls everything, all corporations, all governments, all property, all people. The right to print moey for the whole world is the holy grail, all other things are meer ants to this giant, when people finally realise the completeness of this control function, it is the universe and everything else is dust.

I was listening to the radio today, and this guy was just naming all the countries he thought were enemies of the US. China was one of them, but the list was pretty long. I just thought it was a pretty bold thing to do.

Another was Turkey, just for not allowing the US airspace to bomb Iraq. I guess they are enemies if you can’t fly armed aircraft over their country.