having no theory
i am but
two arms
two legs
one mind
they’ll do the walking

having no job
i am but
writing typing
putting the will
into things
they’ll do the working

having no soul
i’ll make one
i’ll shape one
i’ll endure
they’ll do the spirit

and all walk
and work
and spirit
will take life
as it takes life

i will have been understood.

I really like this Colin. It’s a bit haphazard but that only seems to add to this strangely moving piece.

km2 - Glad this poem had some effect on you…it is a simple little poem…quite easy…quite direct…

‘haphazard’ is a great word - it sums up so much of my writing, my attitude, my worldview, and particularly, this poem.

i wrote this poem on the spur of the moment. the first thought that came to my mind was ‘having no theory’…it was a strange…destablising of pretension…

having no theory - my arms and legs will have to do!
walking will be my theory. despite all that we must endure
and all the intellectuals and those with better genes
we still must walk through it all…

y’know that sort of sentimental romantic notion, that all we need in life, is out own able mind and body.

once again,

Colisign wrote:

i agree. affirmation of life is always played off as too sappy, but everyone has to affirm life to live.
i like how the simplicity of the message matches the simple language.