Sleep Paralysis

Do you have that? I get it often, at least for the past few years. Now I learned how to induce it. It´s like being fully conscious but you cannot move anything but your eyelids. You can see your normal surroundings, it´s not a dream, although hallucinations are frequent. I only get auditory ones, some people get visual ones.

On the net I heard people can induce lucid dreaming while in that state, I tried and it worked. Awesome. I could see my own body, but it was a dream not a real out of body experience. Yet it was great.

I used to have that what you described when I was young, but I never liked it. I always had trouble breathing for some reason at those moment, and I was always glad when I could normally move again.

About the lucid dreaming… The only thing I’ve accomplished so far in that area was to have a dream in which I thought I was having a lucid dream… Now that was weird.

I’ve had lucid dreams and also sleep paralysis with auditory and visual hallucinations, which sucks. The lucid dreeam is the ultimate power trip, and the sleep paralysis is the ultimate lack of power – you feel panicked and vulnerable because you can’t move no matter how much you want to.

Lucid dreams can be tricky because the second I see the opportunity I fear that I’ll wake up, which is a self-fulfilling worry. In some cases, though, I’ve flown, changed my surroundings at will, and/or touched people with reckless abandon. Once I realized it was a dream while walking down a busy city street,so I just went around in a hurry squeezing boobs with no consequences, knowing I’d probably wake up soon, which I did. With sleep paralysis I’ve found the way to break out is by breathing in various ways, changing the rhythm or blowing air out real hard and at random intervals…this shocks your brain into clicking your body on. Without that breathing trick I was like a frog in a greased bathtub. No way out.

I don’t have narcolepsy, so I assume these things are part of being hyperaware in general, or a mark of genius, of course.

Exactly how does one induce lucid dreaming?

Well, difficult to say, but while I had paralysis on two occasions, I managed to induce lucid dreaming by just imagining a situation. It´s just imagination, but when you imagine soething during sleep paralysis, it becomes lucid dreaming.

The thing is that I also induce sleep paralysis, but for that I usually have to be in a state of drowsiness, like an afternoon nap. I just “focus” by reducing the flow of oxygen to the brain, then I feel pressure on my belly, which is like a “chill” you get in a roller coaster, then bam, I get stuck.

Last time I had it it got scary, it was Saturday afternoon, and I live alone, but I heard “people in the kitchen noises”, like cutlery, tupperware falling,
very, very clearly. Then I made a huge effort and managed to snap out of it.

Once I had it during the normal night of sleep, I woke up paralysed then slapped out and fell asleep again.

There were many HIGHLY BIZARRE stuff that happened to me during S.P. but I have no time to tell right now.

If you want to have a lucid dream you just have to realize you’re dreaming while you’re in a dream. I do it so easily. I’m not sure what the trick is. I have an instinct, I can tell when it’s a dream. The quality of everything is different. Sort of like when you daydream an event, you sort of see it in your head, but it’s dull and muted around the edges. Also, weird things happen in dreams and you don’t get freaked out…that’s the big signal. If you’re at home and then, without a segue, you’re in some field, and this DOESN’T freak you out in the slightest, you’re dreaming. In the course of the dream there are a million clues, because so much is disjointed, but you react emotionally as if it’s all normal. This reaction YOU’RE having, or not having, is the biggest clue. You have to divorce yourself from emotions and be objective about what’s happening, and whether it’s normal. Be literal, which is hard because dreams are so metaphorical. I’ve also heard that if you repeat to yourself about eight thousand times that you’re going to have a lucid dream, you will.

I know what you’re speaking of. These lucid dreams are definitely interesting experiences, but I can’t induce them. I think it’s been a while I had the last one…

“I’ve also heard that if you repeat to yourself about eight thousand times that you’re going to have a lucid dream, you will.”

I don’t think this will work :stuck_out_tongue:

I lucid dream,astral project and have sleep paralysis several times a year. The most incredble one was about 9 yrs ago. I had been very angry that nite with a man I knew due to him standing me up. I fell asleep after practing and ancient Scythian calming rite. I then fell asleep, next thing I know I was in my grandmother house 300 miles away. I realised I was lucid dreaming and thought “Hmmm if I made it Oma’s and can move around at will…” Next thing I willed myself to the house of the man who stood me up. I was so furious with him. he was sleeping on the couch and proceeded to yell at him and hit him.
The next morning the man called me and said 'ya know i woke up this am and all I could smell was jasmine (I used to make my own perfume from jasmine essential oil). He also said he was a bit sore but had no clue why.

In American Indian or NDN culture this is known as 'sprit walk". It is also well known in many tribal culture and is an important part of shamanic practices.

I “ditto” Gamers experience when it comes to sleep paralysis and lucid dreams but I’ve found astral travel is a very different experience.

I learned how to astral travel from a little book I bought when I was about 15 or 16. The book had been written by a priest – which was reassuring to me at that time.

After about two weeks of practice – 2 hours each night – and after a few mild body/conscious dislocations, I felt myself lifting out of my body (about 30cm / 1 ft) and hovering above it before I freaked out and snapped back, my heart pounding so hard, I thought it would explode. In sheer terror and excitement, I ran into my parent’s room.

After that, I made quite a few “trips” but the fear never left and, apart from the entertainment/curiosity value, I only learned one major thing and that was to do with how you could only enter a realm (create an environment?) according to the state of your being/density of your consciousness.

In my experience, I didn’t find the “astral planes” had a has a very large range but it was enough to whet my appetite and motivate me to try lots of different things over the years.

Hi Melthris
Wow… sorry for not getting back, I haven’t wandered back to this forum for ages. Perhaps in future, it maybe best to PM (Private Message) a person if you need specific info like this.

Re the request, I went looking for this book a couple of years ago and could not find it. I can only guess it’s been long out of print. I bought it from a newspaper advert :smiley: so little wonder I cant find it now.

There are plenty of books like this now. Just look for ones that teach the techniques and not ramble on about theories or experiences. Good Luck.