Smartfood Popcorn

I don’t know if they have this stuff in the UK, or even the US. But this stuff tastes so fucking good I feel like there might just be a little bit of crack or something in it.

I don’t think I’m physically addicted to anything except for this horribly unhealthy white cheddar popcorn.

god man. you said it. we share the same disease.

btw, have you ever tried bagel bits? get your ass to cosco/price club if you haven’t.

flaming hot cheetoes… :evilfun:

price club rules

hot and spicy chicharrones…


Sweet Chilli coated nuts…

Not Noddys, Nobbys…

Original flavor Doritos.

I gotta go with Wal-Mart’s BBQ Pork Skins. No carbs and very tasty.