So it begins...

This is an introduction article to my site. It dosnt really go indepth into any one philosophy but is more of an example of things i will write about in the future.

So it Begins… – Published on: 2004-09-30
Understanding will change the world.

I have exhausted my brain trying to think of a way to word this article just right. You see, as it happens there is an exorbitant amount of people inhabiting this planet that like to find faults in anything and everything they can. It makes them feel of a superior intellect and with the best of my ability to understand this I have come to the conclusion that to correct someone with as much genius as myself must be more rewarding than relieving yourself of an itch embedded far up your ass. Unfortunately though, for these such people, they often will go on living their lives in a pathetic delusion that they are somehow “special,” without ever realizing the ultimate truth, that being, that they are no more “special” then that of the smiling chipped toothed boy that rides the short bus. Artistic or opinionated writing should never be read as if you were looking for facts or answers. True meaning to writing comes from understanding how to interpret it and learning to read between the lines. If you read my writing to find answers I assure that you will, but they will be the wrong ones. I do have all the answers; that is not a lie but it will be up to you to learn to find them for yourself.

Warning! If you have come to this site with a biased opinion or closed mind let me make this very clear. “GET THE FUCK OFF MY SITE.” You are not welcome here if you are not willing to consider and dwell on the heavenly goodness that is my writing.

Before I continue on with the point and purpose to this article I would like to quickly clarify something I said earlier in this piece. I referred to myself as a genius. Now, I realize the egotistic nature of such a comment, I was merely stating an obvious fact. A fact that is not so obvious to you now, but will be as time progresses. I don’t expect anyone to claim me as a genius without seeing it for themselves, make up your own mind. Have you not noticed the hatred, ignorance, greed and lust of material possessions that has swamped this planet that we call home? People no longer hold true to any morals, values or ethics and those that do, have changed them into something more comfortable or easier to hold true to. What makes me different is the realization of these evils and of ways to overcome them. I may be a small, insignificant factor in the grand scheme of things, but while you all continue this path, I consider it my destiny to bring to light the methods of change. Destiny though, in itself, is something you create. If I so choose to make this path my destiny then it is only I that can carry it out. Genius does not mean you know everything, it means you have talent, creativity and extensive knowledge of a concept. “One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius” (Simone de Beauvoir). I still have far more to learn in this life, more than I ever will be able to. My claim to genius is solely based on comparison to mans behavior. It was once said “A wise man knows that he truly knows nothing”… The words of a wise man.

Ah! The meaning of life. Why are we all here? The great question in life everyone wants the answer to but no one can figure out. No one can figure out? I can think of someone that might be able to. Many people claim to know the answer. I have heard that the meaning of life is to know yourself, to find your way or to live your life free; these are embodiments of a clear, peaceful life but not a meaning to existence. The meaning of life is in fact no more profound than Mrs. Cleo herself, and is a question that should not have needed to be asked. Alas, we are but human, and it is our nature to be curious, so it is of no surprise that people would like to know why we are all here. Would you like to know what the meaning of it all is? Well guess what! There is no meaning to life, there is no meaning to why we are here. We are here because we are, you need not ask yourself questions that can never be answered. Even if we were put here for some profound reason, until the day it is shown or discovered how can we claim to know these things. So why do they matter? Live your life day by day to the best of your ability and realize that it is meant for so much more… you only get one.

Looking back on this paragraph I realized that I answered the question of “what is the meaning of life?” in a complicated way. If you wanted to simplify it I would say that the meaning of life is life itself. Think of it that way.

Now im gonna break it down. You see there may not be a meaning to life but there is a purpose. That purpose is to die. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. When a new life is brought into this world what can you guarantee that child? That its eyes will be blue, it will have 2 parents, that it’s a boy or girl? Well… no. Anything can change, anything and everything. The one thing that is inescapable is death. So what does this mean? Well its very simple, it means there is no reason to why you’re here and you are not going to be here forever (kinda makes life seem a bit more precious). A beginning is never established because it seems that everything stems from something else. A never ending construction of mass, energy and the unknowing stemming from… Nothing? Now that’s confusing. How can something come from nothing? You must understand death, to understand the nothingness involved in it. You must understand the cycle, the cycle of life. I believe that there is no true beginning to anything but that there is an ending, an ending to start a new. You all know and understand this ending by the word death. It could also mean that “the meaning of life” is death. Life is death. To live is to die. It is this understanding that shows you its not about how long you live your life, its about what you do with the time that is given to you.

You can wait for things to change or you can change them yourself!
You can frown or you can smile.
You can live… or you can die.

The way we are currently living our life has dire consequence, the consequences of clouded eyes. Do you realize what’s coming? I think its pretty obvious that no one does, so let me enlighten you. We as humans are survivors and are always progressing. What happens is we progress until our own intelligence becomes our downfall (I’ll explain in future articles). What happens then is war and I don’t mean America pushing around small countries, I mean world war. I personally cannot even fathom the horror of war–nor will I try to out of respect for those that have gone through it–but it is the way we as humans progress. Hard to understand isn’t it, but war is a form of cleansing. The devastation cause by war forces those who survive it to work together. All of a sudden race, gender and other stereotypes hold no grounds and the things people take for granted hold more value. Slowly the world heals itself and we progress past expectation. This is not the answer though. This cycle will continue to repeat itself and we will progress into the future, but never will we achieve what some would call the impossible. I personally do not know the answer to get around this flawed system yet but I believe that I can figure it out. I can tell you this though, the first step is understanding life as I tried to explain earlier. The wheels of war have been set in motion and I fear that it may already be to late to try and change things. It’s said that “its never to late”, I hope that this is true. Prepare yourself and expect the worst. Or you can continue to think that ‘they’ will always look out for you. Your death will be punishment for your ignorance.

I alone can not change the world and I realize this. In order to change the course of things to come you must realize that sitting idly by is not going to work either. I am sick and tired of hearing people say that they can not change the world so why should they bother. How is that attitude helping? Although I do not plan on changing the world myself, my goal is to enlighten the masses and open the eyes of the blind. Do not ever expect me to sugar coat something just so that I keep from offending someone. I plan on giving you something to think about before you lay your head to rest instead of what your going to wear in the morning or if you are going to stop to smell the roses on your way to your nine-to-five ass kissing. There is a problem though. The truth scares people. It takes them away from their steady routine and puts them in a place that is not 100% beneficial to themselves. Everyone wants the world to change but no one is willing to bring it out of this perpetual slump it seems to be in. Its not so hard. Educate and develop your mind and attitude… it will change itself.

In closing, am I trying to change the world? Yes and no. I am going to start with this site for there must always be a starting point in any endeavor you may take. Hopefully many will start to awaken to reality and then I can move on from there. It is all in a simplistic understanding of life that will create unification among men. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? No.

So it begins…

Closing Comments:

I am aware that this piece lacks substance. It is because I want you to find the meaning yourself… its in there. I also can not stress enough to send your questions to I will do my best to answer them all. I post good questions about my pieces Here. You may very well find the answer you seek in that section.

"Warning! If you have come to this site with a biased opinion or closed mind let me make this very clear. “GET THE FUCK OFF MY SITE.” You are not welcome here if you are not willing to consider and dwell on the heavenly goodness that is my writing. "

I really don’t much care about the article. But if you wish others not to comment on your pearls of wisdom, perhaps you should just keep a diary.


Let me guess: you’re about 16.

Your first mistake is to imagine a future. A future where you are the saviour. You are not alone in this, we are all the same. Just know that self-seeking through the future is madness; all we have is now.

“the meaning of life is life itself”

You are right but you do not know why you are right. I see that you have some potential. Not much, but more than most. Maybe it is unfair to say that, but I think you want to hear it. You are not a genius but you just might be able to find your path. This will only happen if you stop making noise and listen.

“Silence is Truth” - Soren Kierkegaard


are you being sarcastic? theres no reason why am i typing this because eventually i will die and therefore my life is ‘precious’? what? if theres no reason for my life, then this is stupid and i need to kill myself quick

the first of many reasons is hedonism: another thing that you can say about that baby just born for damn certain is that throughout his life, there will be instances where he will feel inexplicably great! what is that? and do you consider the good things in life a reason to live?

if by purpose you mean a task that is designated to happen then yeah, death is a thing that will happen.

but id say ‘our purpose’ is ‘why’ we are here. if we are here in order to die, then dying must accomplish something. as far as our earthly experience shows, it accomplishes nothing, and therefore cannot be the ‘purpose’ in the sense that it is what we have come here to ‘accomplish’

start what? the afterlife? if theres an afterlife, dont you think the purpose of humanity is somehow closely related to what happens there? instead of the purpose being just the act of going to it, dying?

ok thats the good stuff, but that contradicts the statement that death is the purpose of our existence. youre saying here that the purpose of our existence is to enjoy it before its gone. thats different

so the fact that we dont realize we ought to life every day like its our last is what is leading into world war? you see how it makes less sense when it doesnt sound pretty? i mean did i not understand that right?

i think its pretty obvious that at least a few people consider a future world war as a possibility

ill say, all i got from this is that your a typical, angst-ridden death-obsessed gothboy, who is unable to explain the importance of the cool sounding universal symmetries that he ‘just KNOWS’ he’s discovered in a language only he can understand.

talk about that stuff while your still on shrooms, cause when you try to explain it later it sounds silly, ive tried

so everybody stop wasting your time living and frowning and just kill yourself! it was right under our nose! thats the key to world peace!!!

If you paid more attention, or maybe if i wrote it more clear. I state that you should live your life everyday as if it was your last. Ultimatly though what you do in the present effects your future. Your happiness here and now may be a future downfall.

Thank you for the question. I love answering them =)

You misunderstood me. I have difficulty writing, would be much easier to talk to people face to
face. What I mean by that is simply your alive without reason. Don’t let others tell you what to
do with your life cause only you can decide those things. After a decision is made its been made
and cannot be undone (it can be changed) so each action in your life must be yours and yours
alone. Death is always lurking around the corner so you do not have forever to fix your
mistakes… follow those dreams and die a happy man.

Sure most people experience emotion but like it was stated in the movie matrix revolutions… yea
I know, im quoting that movie. I think it made a lot of sense. Words like happy, love, sad are all
just words. They describe a connection between things. If I was to say I love you it would
describe the connection I feel towards you. You can not prove that a person will ever be happy. It
is just assumed. and happiness in itself is all a state of mind.

Oh but it does accomplish something. I do not mean that there is religion, I am atheist. You are
not looking deep enough into death and only going by a principal of unknown.

I like that, almost enough to change my mind. Let me reword. The purpose of life is to live to
your death. Simple isn’t it. As for starting anew. Your body returns to the earth. What fills the
void of your non existence ?

I need to reword like I stated above, thanks for the help.

We don’t live everyday of our life as if it is our last. People live there life in a system. People live
there life for someone else. It is because people take their life for granted that they are foolish
enough to start war and not get along in the first place.

Although shrooms are fun, as are all altered states of reality, they had no effect. Death obsessed…
LOL! I never think of it really, but its what makes everything possible. I have a death article I
think I am going to write just to show everyone the importance of it. Im not a goth, I am human.
Don’t try and place me into a category if you do not want my deduction of you.

I don’t know everything, im learning.

That’s a moronic comment… did you run out of steam? I gave you an option if your not gonna
live your life for yourself, then yea, go end it. Live or die. I said nothing about killing yourself. Frown all you want… read that again.

well turns out you were a little more right than i initially thought, but that was a lot words for not so much information

i wouldnt mind

write about that, not so much death.
cause yeah impending death is a motivation to get out of your system of self imprisonment, but so are other things, and talking about death doesnt shed much light on why we imprison ourselves or how we can get out without a mid life crisis

I figure him to be in college. Maybe sophomore year.

Ah, youth. Wasted on the young. I, too, was as he at one time.

This man needs to get the fuck off my site…lol

I never said I didn’t want comments. go to and look up the word

Me thinks this will anger him forcing him to retaliate. Then I shall show him up :laughing:

Ignore this post.

Unfortunatly I cannot do so without making ignorant comments. Although I find it very easy to read people (some people). I would not want to insult or signify you as something you are not.

I plan on it :smiley: This is my introduction. After I perfect this I shall take on individual topics such as the ‘system’, religion, death, war etc…

A nice and friendly site for you huh?

Try not to be bothered too much by some of these guys, who reckon they are clever and all.

reav, seriously, i dont want to force you to admit the idleness of your threat, but all my life all evidence points to me being the ultimate human being. honestly its getting old, id like to hear a flaw or two, pm me if you must. ignore this if you must. no pressure.

you are ignorant, cause you only met me in paragraph form. therefore ignorant comments are expected. hopefully they are slightly less than completely ignorant.

i am the ultimate white stereotype. 20 years old. cockiest guy you could possibly meet. rip me to shreds. not being sarcastic. i dont doubt you can do it. i want it. my confidence is too high.


If you mean historically, there is no justification for this.

If you mean some point in the future, that is not the direction in which the world seems to be going.

You’re right, your article does lack substance. Anyone can use the excuse “I want you to find the meaning yourself.” What makes your writing a better method of doing so than anything else?

sounds like bad heidegger…

better than bad faith…


I disagree, expect problems in the US within the next year. Problems in the most powerful government in the world equal an unstable economy and a weakness to attack. Or civil war. I believe if bush is elected again people may very well revolt.

Not a better method… its my error. I have a problem writing down my views clearly but my message is in every piece. It is why I enjoy answering question you may have.