So many threads ,one direction

Is it possible to round up all the gender threads and stuff them somewhere? It is beginning to feel like women are getting spammed on all the forums. If folks wish to piss and moan about the other gender, which is occuring alot lately, give them their own room to do it, please!!!


Realize that negativity sells far more than positivity.

And, this is the era of advertisements.

with love,

Realize also that philosophical types don’t always get laid much…

Well, that may be true.

But, those who get laid down more that required, do not philosophize much either.

We all have different preferences. No issue, no compulsion.

with love,

It is starting to seem like there’s a minority group around here who would like to see anyone with a vagina leave the forum.

I don’t know why else a person would go on a relentless tirade.

Maybe we should just pack up our shit, Kris. Whaddya think?

the anti-women posters are fearful of women. They are feeling small and neglected. The reason they attack
women is to make them feel better about themselves. Men who feel secure don’t need to attack women.
If you feel good about yourself you don’t need to attack anybody. So leave the problem at the hands of those small
minded and probably small dick men who feel insecure about themselves. Don’t worry about them. They clearly have
far greater personal issues then just small dicks. Just ignore them because they are ignore by everyone else which explains
the attacks on women by them. They are LOSERS and you don’t pay attention to LOSERS.



Kropotkin is right.

Actually, they do not hate women.
On the contrary, they are so fond of them that cannot even think of anything else.
But, the poblem is that they are just not worthy enough to have them.
Hence, this hate mongering

with love,

LoL guys…

I was being facetious :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Blurry, we always have the other place

Guys I really see that the biggest problem with gender bashing by either gender is more about trying to find an orange in coconut trees. You are attracted to the coconut but, you want the taste of orange so eventually to your mind all coconuts are rotten because they do not taste like the orange you truly seek.Yet those damn coconuts and trees are so attractive. In other words quit looking only in one type of tree for the fruit you need.
We get trained on how to seek and some cannot break their training and so end up alone, in pain and hating. Ego plays little in this unless you consider stubborn ego… which it is but, it is more mindset. So can we put the coconut nuts threads in one place???

Just came across yet another brand new anti-feminist thread.

What the fuck is happening to this place, and why hasn’t the owner or any of the mods done anything?

Since when is constant woman-bashing any kind of a good discussion? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Carleas wants all the females to get uncomfortable enough to leave.

Blurry, I think they are getting the message and remember Carleas is tied up in his education, that takes priority over this forum. Right? Patience is called for here.

I have a doubt that anyone is “getting the message”, as I mean literally a BRAND NEW anti-feminism/anti-female thread. Brand new.

As for Carleas being busy with school, that’s totally understandable, but maybe somebody should take the reigns when he’s too busy to steer the horse.

Post pictures of women in bikinis and it is instantly removed because it is ‘offensive’.

Start a dozen threads attributing all sorts of negative behavior to women and it counts as ‘philosophy’.


Blurry, The complaint was just lodged a few hours ago, this is a message board where it takes time, moderators and owners have lives outside this forum. Patience, remember also that many are not on our time, they are across the ocean, there is a major time difference, Carleas and a few mods are over there, not here.

Don’t you dare put the mods in a place where they are necessarily subscribers to a theory simply because they don’t ban it, or force them to even weigh in, that is about as low as you can get on a message board. You have to understand that my own theory of the impact of sexual choice upon behavior has taken me most of my life through research and articulation to understand, and I have already been banned from two boards and had all my posts deleted, do you have any idea how RARE it is to be banned from boards and have all your posts deleted!!! It’s unheard of. And I can tell you for a fact, it’s not because I’m wrong, it’s because the issue is so taboo for women, than either women delete it, or men delete it to keep their sexual choice with women. I am so thankful for this board actually giving me the chance to present this theory without the censorship that human sexuality has placed upon my struggle to explain this to people. I don’t obviously want to discuss my theory here, other than to just say what I said… I just need you to understand my struggle, the importance and passion with which I approach this topic and that free speech is a nice thing to experience when dealing with such a major topic… this is far from yelling fire in a crowded room or trolling. I can’t speak for the others, just myself to this regard… I have put as many hours a week on this for so many years that it compares to people who have three jobs.

Not to mention that if you were a woman trying to have a sociological discussion of men in terms like this, if the thread was outright misandric (which mine is not misogynistic), there is NO way you would be banned from any message board anywhere on the internet. Think about that as you chew over how these dynamics actually work. Please don’t respond to these two posts because I don’t want to be seen as derailing this thread.

I think I know where this is going, but I thought trees bearing oranges and apples are incomparable.

It’s all KT peeps making these threads. But if they’re doing nothing against the forum rules there’s not a lot that the mods can do.

If you read them there’s plenty of perfectly reasonable and cutting criticism against the invasion (and it’s not like it’s the first time they’ve needed to try and bring this place down to their level).

It might not be great for the forum’s image (even though this has apparently been enough for moderation action in the past), but it’s just free speech. If it’s such a big issue that certain people wanna talk about it so badly then let them. Looking at it as something personal is a mistake. It’s in bad taste to make so many threads about one subject, but perhaps it lets them vent their sexual frustration more efficiently such that we can look forward to them retreating back to where they came all the more quickly.

I am not saying delete the threads just round them up and put them in one place so that repeat gender bashing threads don’t keep popping up, one place makes it easier on the gender bashers.

Um… since I don’t even know who KT people are… I’m pretty sure I don’t fall in that category.

I did a little detective work… apparently there is a forum called “Know Thyself” I had never heard of it