So simple yet...

so attractive…

Why is a woman dangling her shoe on the end of her foot so sexy?

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Is willing to remove items, and in the sense of dipping ones toe in the water. The suggestion.

Because women are narcisstic creatures where even defecating on a toilet they think to themselves that their own shit smells like perfume.

For the same reason that an attractive man’s arms with his sleeves rolled up ARE so sexy…to some…
It simply appeals to our erotic natures. Sensory perception and brain chemistry - chemical reaction. :laughing:

Probably most anything she does is sexy provided you think that she’s sexy.

It’s definitely suggestive. I once worked at this place with a few fine young women where they would change from their outer-shoes into more comfortable indoor-shoes once inside. I always thought it was hot to see them do this, there’s something intimate about a bare foot. But maybe only when in relation to the shoe, the shoe defines the situation, and to see or to glimpse the bare foot subverts the situation, maybe this is what is sexy about it…

I sound like some weird foot fetishist but normally I don’t even like feet. Is this what the future holds?! :evilfun: :laughing:

Men are ugly and biology is boring.

Nothing wrong with a bit of self-love.


Because it could be a part of a greater undressing.
Because foot and shoe can be sexual symbols. Will she put the foot all the way in the shoe? Will she reach down and slide the shoe over her foot? (I just started sweating)
Because it is a carefree move, nonchalant, it might even lead to a mild taboo: barefootness in a situation where there usually are shoes. Once one taboo goes, perhaps more will.
Because it draws the attention (innocently) to the feet, legs and…It’s like waving a flashlight.


Yeh, there was a definite nonchalence to it. I love nonchalence. Nonchalence and laguidness. Mmmm…


It might also have to do with the fact that normally out in public we are wearing shoes. So perhaps it’s the freedom and the newness of seeing bare feet. Of course it also depends on how the particular feet are viewed. I would say that men have the monopoly on viewing feet as attractive since women’s feet (for the most part) are more aesthetically pleasing than a man’s, unless the woman has a foot fetish.

Well, something tells me that you really do not feel this way but I may be wrong here. But men are just as much ‘individuals’ as women and as such, some may be ugly on both sides of that coin, but truthfully, at least for me…the real ugliness is what comes from the inside out…not the facial or body features.

Biology may be boring to you. We are not ALL interested in the same things. At the same time, what can be boring about discovering who you are as an organism, your evoluntionary history and development? In a sense, we are all quite awesome in that regard. You might possibly come to know and appreciate yourself and others more in that way.

Because you are sexually deprived.

Perhaps true, but not for that reason.

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Q’s comments seem reasonable, but I think there’s a lot of socialization at work as well. Men have been trained since birth to find this behavior sexy, and women have been trained in the same way. And it seems worth mentioning that your question triggers a sexy mental image for me. But there’s nothing inherently sexy about a woman dangling her shoe on the end of her foot. Imagine it’s an obese woman, or a very old woman for instance (assuming you’re not attracted to obese or very old women).


:laughing: And this is why I stipulated above …

an attractive man’s arms with his sleeves rolled up ARE so sexy…to some…
There has to be something at first glance that one finds attractive…although… :laughing:

I was watching Doc Martin the other day (a British show) and in one scene, he walked in on a female patient of his who is about 70 years old (or older) and a young guy of about 2l years old going at it, and I do mean going at it, on her kitchen table. She turned around as she heard him and had such a smile on her face. But of course she would. :laughing:

Now that of course points to the fact that what the 2l year old guy found attactive about this woman was her ‘mother figure’ status. His Oedipal complex just drove him to do it. And it wasn’t simply about sex to him/for them.

So, we might be entirely :astonished: and maybe even :confused: if we dug even deeper into our subconscious in order to realize what it really is about in finding a shoe dangling from a woman’s foot attractive - from a male’s perspective - and why I find an attractive man with his sleeves rolled up so sexy. But then again, maybe a cigar is really just a cigar. :laughing:

Haha, I saw that episode. Great show. I miss it.