So Wealthy (a lover's plea)

So Wealthy

So wealthy with words, all void of action,
So wealthy with feeling, it speaks but a fraction,
So fake is this feeling, formed without sight,
So fake every emotion, save yesterday and tonight,

In need of a touch and knowledge and reason,
In need of reassurance, for validation and factuality,
So buried in blind feelings and now emotional treason,
So lost in recent occurance, scared by actuality,

Sing me a song of our future,
Sing it of love, of longevity and life,
A ballad of pain, from which lacks a suture,
A series of lies, depravity and strife,

Mention why all of this is worth the fight,
Mention your love, but be false with your reasons,
A poem of positivity that could only bring blight,
A configuration of letters to change with the seasons,

Write a poem of validation that leads the way,
Write it with insecurity, with unhealthy intentions,
A falsity, a myth, true in no way,
So fat with overconfidence, with romanticized inventions,

Provide me with the real and reasoned and true,
Provide me with emotions, bad and the good,
And watch brand new feelings blossom as new,
To bear fruit throught decades as only true love could.

(love failed)