So where's abgrund?

Seems as though he removed all his posts and replaced his name with [removed by management]. Or maybe management did that?

What’s the scoop?

Same deal with She.

Yeah, that’s Abgrund. So, anyone knows what happened? Did he lose his privileges to use"Abgrund"?

ohhh speculation

Please don’t inquire further. I did that myself. I don’t know what’s the deal w/ Ab, I can’t answer for him. I did what I did for my own reasons.

Well I will respect your wishes. I think I figured it out just by looking at some things. Hope all is well with you.

Nothing like “please don’t inquire further” to pique a guy’s interest. But I’ll mind my own business.

Meanwhile I tried to PM abgrund but it stays stuck in the outbox. Strange…

(This is the part in the movie where somebody says, “He’s probably just down in the basement. I’ll go check…”)


As of now, members cannot change their usernames, something I should’ve done a long time ago.

It’s possible abgrund deleted all his posts in some sort of protest after I deleted a post of his in Mundane Babble. Just another gimmick to add the pile :unamused:



Well that’s a shame. I had some good conversations with him that made for what I thought were some decent threads. Unfortunately, taking out his posts obviously changes the nature of those threads and therefore, to some degree, the nature of my posts. Edits to a conversation on a public bulletin board aren’t made in a vacuum. Of course nobody appreciates more than I do the importance of each of us maintaining our rights to what we post here. It’s just unfortunate is all.

Looks like I am stuck with PortalRestraintPostulate.

Oh the irony.

Unfortunately I missed it. I don’t know what happened.

My first question is this. What was so bad as to be removed from the mundane babble thread? Did Abs break a quality rule about posts? This must be the case, as we all know that there are no certain content rules for mundane babble posts.

So what was said?

What I find amazing is the fact that Abs would spend the time to edit four-hundred some posts. He musta been pissed, to say the least. Some people take this internet forum discussion stuff very seriously, obviously.

Can’t say that that’s a bad thing. Abs was never someone to say something arbitrary or casual, unless it was a blatant form of mundane discussion, like small talk or something. He didn’t write for the sake of hearing his moos echo across the greasy pastures. He was someone who’s posts you read…at least myself, anyway.

I read it. It was a really, really tasteless and cold post on The Underground Man’s suicide note. Should it have been deleted? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. But deleting all of your posts, taking your ball and going home? I’m just surprised by the childish nature of that. Wouldn’t have expected that of abgrund. Then again, how well does anyone really know anyone here?


The real shame behind abgrund’s behaviour is that although the ‘protest’ was clearly aimed at “ILP management”, the people who lose out the most are the members who will now no longer be able to read what abgrund posted. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of it was since I’m definitely not going to be losing any sleep over it. Oh well, life goes on…

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Wow. From the very little I had read of abgrund’s writings, I am also surprised to learn that he would write something as awful as Jerry mentioned. And would he really go in and delete SO MANY posts in protest? The mind doth wander…

I see. Well, I can imagine what he might of said, and if indeed I am right, I also know why he would have said it.

I’ll make some speculation.

Maybe it was a post geared toward: “TUM is the guy who needs some attention and doesn’t plan on killing himself, only wants to see if anyone would miss him.”

Here, Abs might say something terrible, pulling some reverse psychology on TUM. In reality, Abs wouldn’t want TUM to kill himself, but neither would he allow himself to fall victim to TUM’s ploy for attention (if indeed that’s what it was). To emerge, Abs would combine his respect for TUM with his disapproval of such tactics by encouraging TUM through admonishment, reversing the intent of TUM inadvertantly as TUM ingested the subliminal suggestion from Abs that TUM should be “better than that.”

Wow, I’m good.

Tough love, that’s what it was. And if Abs did say something like I have imagined, I expect that the intentions were good. I only hope that they could pierce through to TUM and strengthen him up a bit.

That’s how you fix the boy who cried, “wolf!”

Yeah I suspected some kind of reverse psychology thing, too. Or at least, for his sake and in his defense, that’s what I’m hoping it was. That’s not really my issue with him, though. I’m just a little pissed that he deleted the other side of some interesting dialogues I had with him. Just ain’t right.

Well, maybe Trix will return since Abby left. I kinda miss arguing with the harpy. Will miss Abgrund as well, seemed like a knowledgable fellow. All we need is for Hermes and WhiteLotus to return and we can go back to being one big, happy, dysfunctional family.

I agree, GCT.

To Abgrund,

If you are reading this—I enjoyed your posts, even though at times I did not agree with them. But I read most of your posts and it will be a loss if you leave.

What really shocks me is that you guys are such poor judges of character.

Logo wrote: “What really shocks me is that you guys are such poor judges of character.”

I understand where you come from, but there is no objectivity involved in judging personal characters. One judges another according to nothing but his own values, which of course, is bound to be influenced by others. So this results in the divides between social groups, from friendship circles right up to the largest scale.