Social Cleaning

would anyone agree that this is or has been a long term plan by the Tory’s, that if and when they gained Power that they would find a way to evict the Poor ?
I mean why, if they had the chance, would Tory’s, knowing what we know about Tory’s, would they want to have to rub shoulder’s with the the very people they make Poor ?
Social Cleaning, or as Boris Johnson, one of their own, described it, Social Cleansing, Perfect. O.k., later on he was forced to say it was taken out of Con…text but that of course just showed that in reality, he’s one of them, THE ESTABLISHMENT. At the end of the day, he,ll do as he’s told. Much like Cameron, cleggy and all the rest.
Who really run’s Country’s?
Someone told me today that the second visitor to No 10 was Merdoch. I wonder if that was just to remind Cameron of their Deal ?
I,ll make you, or i,ll break you, the same kind of thing as when Phoney Blair and Gordan Brown infamously had their 3 day meeting with Murdoch when thet got in to do the same kind of deal, or was it to simply recieve their instrution’s ?
Isn’t Coulson Cameron’s right hand man ?
Was that by choice ? Or was he Appointed, by Murdoch ?
Was Cameron appointed by Murdoch ?
Who or what really run’s counrty’s ?
The people believe what the Media tell them they believe…
Those who know the least, obey the best,

Rightists live to fuck people over. What is your point?

My point is they all fuck us over, Rightists, Leftist, They are the Establishment. Ideoligies are window dressing when it comes to the political Elite. They exist to fuck us over.

Already you are making mistakes.

Why mistakes ? I,ve only just started out, you have been on here since 2oo6. If i make mistake’s then tell me what they are. Don’t we learn from our mistake’s ?

Not just spelling and grammatical mistakes.

T,D&H, although the British government organise massive injustice across the nation, it helps to understand that they do what they do because they believe it will keep the nation at the forefront of the global rush for dominance.

You have to realise why they are right before you can criticise them for being wrong. Attacking them through ignorance never got anybody’s attention. Regurgitating the same socialist buzzwords over and over is simply disregarded.

Your mistake is to jump on the egalitarian bandwaggon.

Possibly, a better answer would have been that my point was that they exist to preserve the Kleptocratic system. Isn’t that what we live in and under ? A kleptocracy And aren’t they all, at the end of the day, Kleptocrats ? Whichever level and whichever wing of a Kleptocacy they occupy, be it the Political industry, the judicial industry, media or big business, banks etc, it’s only layercake.

In a wider context you might be right. but only might be. Will come back to you on that, i,m not sure that’s right or the only reason. Couldn,t it be that they do what they do to keep them at the top and Us at the bottom, as it’s alway’s been, it used to be the class system but they cant get away with that any more. Now they have to be more sophisticated (ha fuckin ha ).
And personaly, i dont think they are right but then i’m only going by my 48 years living under successive Kleptocracy"s. It’s a continuing thing, atleast for the moment. The People see through it now. God help the Kleptocrats if the People find a collective Voice and a collective way of change.
By the way, bandwagon. not bandwaggon. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it…Nite

Forgot to say, Socialist Buzzwords, i wouldn’t know one if i fell over it. You might want to label me but what if i refuse to be labelled ? I’m just for the People.

They certainly do it to keep them at the top, but as for keeping “Us” at the bottom - I think that’s something they genuinely regard as accidental. You see, the theory that they believe in really does try to be philanthropic - it’s just wrong. My intention is to figure out how to show why.

On the contrary, I don’t think bursting in with guns ablazing with hysterical accusations is the best tactic. Perhaps this approach is effective in the early stages when people are still in the dark and worried about opening any doors to let the light in, but that time has been and gone. To carry on this tradition simply makes rightists roll their eyes and sigh, “oh lord, not another one…” I think some serious intellectual scrutiny is now in order to get to the bottom of their stubborn clingings to their failing ideology.

As for buzzwords, it’s more like old and tired, unspecific terminology like “the establishment” and cliche questions like “who’s really running things?” I like the term “kleptocrat” though, I’ve not heard that one before. But there’s still too much of the victim in socialist ravings - “the People” need to take charge, not just complain. The problem is that the theory that allows kleptocracy actually seems quite plausible and viable. My other efforts on this forum show my attempts to show why it isn’t.

I’m actually on your side, I’m just sick of that side not winning. Thanks for the bandwagon smoke, my mistake.

No, sorry but don’‘t agree that it’s accidental. it’s deliberate. They keep it within their circle, the first duty of a Kleptocrat is to preserve the status quo and they all know that. If they want to get on, if they want to stay in that circle, if they want to rise to the next level within their circle, they will play the Game.
Watch Andrew Marr’s interview with Phoney Blair, it’s a good example of two Kleps playing the game. I said to a guy at work the other day, it wouldn’t have surprised me if Marr had dropped to his knees, unzipped Phoney and given him a quick shine. Marr know’s he can’t ask awkward questions or go too far. And Phoney know’s it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be there.
I think it was William Buckley, the ex head of the CIA who said "There’s no one in the madia we don’t control’.
It Endemic (?)
There’s a local radio station near where i live called Wave 105. The breakfast show is run by the ironicallly ( you know i’m no good at spelling and grammer ) named Steve Power. They used to have a section of the show called the rip off files where they would expose all the different rip off’s and people would e mail him and write into him and phone him up. it was great, everybody loved it. Then one morning i got up, put the radio on listening out for the rip off files and he came on and said that HE had got fed up with it and they wouldn’t be doing it anymore. And that was it.
He upset the wrong people, and no doubt was told if he wanted to keep his job, to play the GAME. It’s how it works.
And that’s just the Media wing of the Establishment. And it’s not a cliche, it’s what they are.
Would like to stay up and carry on but got to be up for work at 6. Will come back to this.
Afraid i can’t take credit for the bandwagon smoke, a mate picked up on it.

Watch out the the poor
the Tory’s are back
work till you die
it’s an all out attack
Yoiu’re the downbeat, downtrodden
the almost forgotten
watch out the poor
the Tory’s are back

Noboby got anything to say ?
How interesting.
Perhaps i’m just putting myself over wrong. Please, if you disagree or have a point to make, fucking say something. I’m on here to learn. Isn’t that the point ?
195 viewings and not a sausage. bugger all. Don’t tell me you people are shy.
Drunken master me ol’ son, surely i can depend on you ?
Or am i just an idiot at work ? and i’m not worth your time ?
Am i just wasting my time and your"s and not worth responding to ?
No-one got anything to say about the Kleptocratic state?
What if i said i had a very simple way to give the people a voice, a collective voice. That might, just might, make change happen. It need’s to happen. Surely we agree on that?
We can’t just leave it as it is, Tory, labour, Tory, Labour, one big club with a bit of Lib Dim thrown in to make it look like a democracy when we all know it’s one big club.
The Cunt’s Club. Where the only qualification to join is that you have to be a Cunt, or be willing to become a Cunt. You will be well rewarded for your Cunting antics, if indeed you haven’t been already. You may have started out in the lower echelons of Cuntdom, perhaps in local government and moved up as your Cunting qualities wer recognised by a fellow Cunt, perhaps you even knew eachother at oxford or cambridge or one of the lower universities. maybe even at, God forbid in the case of the Tory’s, a Comprehensive.
Oh i say, the thought is just too much. Surely you would have to be one of those New labour Cunts. Then again, when all is said and done, a Cunt’s a Cunt so you can’t be all bad. When the chips are down you love to fuck the little people over just as much as we do. And you love to reward yourselves just as much as we do. After all, we are Lord and Lady Cunt, even the Prescott’s are Lord and Lady Cunts and if they can get away with it then we must be High Cunts, like Judges and media Mogal Cunts like murdoch.
We are all Kleptocatic Cunts in the Kleptocratic Cunts Club so let’s just keep pissing on the little people like we always have, and (think) we always will.

Goodnight all you Cunts out there.
The times. They are a changin"

(Note to the censor’s of this site, this is a serious or semi serious post, please do not remove, i’m just trying to provoke a reaction )

It doesn’t seem that you have directed any attacks towards Members, you only made responses pertaining to your opinion that the mebership, at-large, is unwilling to respond in this thread, so there’s really no reason for me to remove anything.

Consider a society as analogous to a multicelluar organism. Now ask the question: which cells ‘run’ the organism? See if you can find parallels to a society in the answers you come up with for that question.

Ok, you can have a reaction while I’ve got time.

What is it you actually want? Do you want the state abolished or do you want the poor to suffer less at the hands of the rich?
Because you can’t really have both.

At the moment, we Brits operate under “Social Democracy” - a kind of middle-way between socialism and capitalism, leaning further to the latter than the former. In this arrangement, we suffer the evils of the state as well as the evils of liberalism - but so that the evils of the state can be moderated by liberalism, and the evils of liberalism can be moderated by the state…

With a liberal market, the rich are attracted to greater riches at the expense of the poor and the gap widens - but increased effectiveness in micro-management can flourish away from state-rules.
With a regulated market, we put off investors for the sake of better conditions for people that don’t get satisfied from an economy based on chasing after selfish interest.

So which is it?
Is your argument simply a moral one? “There oughtn’t exist a ‘Kleptocratic’ system”?
Do you simply resent knowingly being in the dark about important issues that take place in the “establishment”?
Do you think it’s all evil that goes on behind private doors, or do you think anyone outside of the “establishment” benefits from the decisions of the “Kleptocrats”?
Are you against the state according to principle, or do you just dislike the way the current one is running? What would you change?

Quite right.
That was Tom, comes in drunk and off he goes, ranting like a lunatic.
We of course, Dick n Harry,were unaware of his diatribe and although we agree quite strongly with most of his views,we do not in n e way condone the way in which he express’s them. In short, he is, by his own admission ( when sober ), an idiot at work.
You will no doubt be relieved to know that we have banned Tom for a week from this website, especially on Friday night’s when he goes out with his snooker mate’s.

I must admit, that was pretty funny.

If i understood the question i’d give an answer, why do you have to use big word’s ? Just talk English. Or do you lot do it deliberately to put us ordinary People off Filosophy ? I got tugged early on about spelling and grammatical errors, who gives a fuck for that as long as i make myself understood ?
Loook, I’ve only just come on here. I want to learn.
But i, like the masses, am not educated in that way. You have, presumably, been to University, so you know big word’s and their meaning;s but that just put’s me off.
Analogous. multicelluer.
Want me to look them up ? ok, i,ll take the time to look them up because i want to know. but alot of people wont, alot of people won’t even be on this site.
but i’ll tell you somefing, until you start conecting with us, and we with you, nothing will change me ‘ol fruit.
We,ve all been to University, but our University is the University of Ardnox.
It’s alright being intellelectual, i,ve worked for inellellecual people but they couldn’t cross the road on their own.
Until we all come together the Club of Cunt’s, the Establishment, the Kleptocrates or whatever name they go by, they will alway’s rule.
And that is coming to an end but you lot need to stop showing off with your highfullootin’ word’s and and all the rest of it.
Leftist’s, Rightist’s, it’s all Bollock’s. What matter’s is the People and the right way to go about thing’s.
Politic’s, it’s too important to leave to Politician’s, especially fuckin’ Tory’s.
So come on, we need you as much as you need us.
This is the tool, the Internet, just dont distance yourselves from US and we wont from you.