Social Cleaning

Sorry for delay in responding, I completely missed it.

Every society that has been around for sometime has a purpose different from every individual in it, although each individual can influence it although to varying degrees. Some have more influence on the purpose of the society than others, but the purpose itself cannot be redefined except by a violent break from the past.

Almost all known societies have existed for promoting the ideas of the elite, whether they be the biggest muscles around or the greatest intellectuals. The existing elite at any given time has rules for aspiring new members. One can influence the purpose of the society by becoming part of the elite or by creating a new elite that overthrows the old one. But one cannot influence it by refusing to be part of any elite. No matter what your system, the “people” are always at the mercy of the elite and will always be.

I didn’t realise that you’d inserted a little reply into your quote of me.

Are you serious? You call me naive and immediately afterwards you say how you wish the bad men would play nice…
Freedom to privacy is one of the Kleptocrats best weapons. They don’t have to tell us squat - that would undermine their kleptomania.

When they are exposed, they are mortally offended and will go to shocking lengths to steal back their “dignity” - just look at how much they hate the wikileaks guy and how they’re trying to drench him in insubstantial slander.

They’re not going to put Us where they are, sorry. In fact, since you’re not going to hand their honesty to you on a plate, you’re going to have to seriously question your moral hatred of theft… because the only way to make them honest is by stealing their dishonesty away from them.

If it was up to me i would put a label on you that stated that you did not want to be labelled. But that’s just me.

What do you think of the signature? Inspired by you!

Would you be happy if we let the poor people back - AFTER the Olympics?

Imagine if you were part of the Established Order and your ancestors and predecessors had been plundering the Planet’s resources for the best part of a long time - much as the Americans are doing at the moment - and then suddenly you are asked to host the greatest show on Earth? The Olympic Games!

How would it be, if the plunderees all turned up and saw poverty on the streets of it’s capital city? They would start asking questions. What happened to the plunder? You said you wuz superior. We believed you, innit.

Where is your community spirit? We are supposed to putting an end to poverty and when someone decides to do something about it all you can do is moan.

I don’t have quite the aversion to kleptocracy that you do. Cleisthenes invented democracy by making all of Athens his clique. Patronage politics have their place. The current problem is that access to methods of information dissemination (such as television) have an incredibly high barrier of entry so only the rich are heard and count. That means that the wealthy are the only group that elected officials need to pay attention to. That elected officials only pay attention to the wealthy isn’t the problem, it is a symptom of the problem of massively uneven wealth distribution. Direct your anger towards a useful target.