Social Zombies

The world is fast on track becoming a place where there is more and more only individual consumers that question nothing by obeying everything that they are told when it concerns a authority.

Individuals that dare think or live differently become generally socially outcasted, persecuted, and eradicated

What about that?

Is this evolution’s or nature’s gift as a end result for global humanity?

If so, where can I get out at?

Does evolution favor conformity over nonconformity?

Hell hath no fury like a non-conformist seething because another non-conformist does not not conform like he does.

Does a true non-conformist really care if he is outcast by society?

No, in fact, we get quite used to it.

You, my darling Star Travel, are anything but a non-conformist.

A non-conformist wouldn’t be on the internet. They would have no use for the technological gadgetry so highly valued by the “mindless” consumer. Identifying oneself as a non-confrmist is a lot like teenagers dressing differently - so they end up looking alike. Rebellion is so lame. But if that’s all you have to hang on to, be the rebel.

Nice try, but your taunts don’t touch me.

Using technology is not a sign of social conformity, sorry to burst your bubble.

You’re using the same filters as all the sheeples. You conform to all the protocols demanded just to be on the net and in this website. That you think you can be out while standing in the middle of it is truly amusing. But go for it. Rebel! Hmmm, what do non-conformists do when they aren’t conforming on the internet? :-k

Thinking illegal and impossible thoughts, which conformists are not allowed to think. It’s kind of like viewing the universe without God in the picture. It’s pretty amazing. You should try it someday, although of course, you and I both know that you won’t.

So, just thinking illegal and impossible thoughts is the definition of a non-conformist? Geez, then EVERYBODY is a non-conformist. We have plenty of physical prohibitions but to the best of my knowledge, we’re still allowed to think. There is just a teensy chance you’re caught up in delusions of being that rebel non-conformist and here’s a flash: Non-conformity is what is actionable, not what you are thinking about. But go ahead and be that non-conformist - in your own mind.

This is embarrassingly lame…

I didn’t really get that either. Tentative?

I mean, I conform to some norms and not to others. And some norms I conform to out of a need to conform, others because I just happen to conform, still others because people often do come to the same conclusions independently, or act the same way for different reasons.

Yup. That pretty much how I see it too.

This from the OP. So tell me, when was the last time you were persecuted and eradicated? For all the bitching and moaning, this society grants a hell of a lot of freedom to be non-conformist. It’s one thing to say, “I choose to not conform”. That’s all well and good as long a there is willingness to accept the consequences of that decision. But to wrap yourself in victimhood and whine about being eradicated is bullshit. Most of us don’t conform to one social norm or another, but most of us accept the price of our non-conformity and get on with it without whining.
Anon, I’ve never heard you play the victim on any of your non-conformities. Sure, bitch that certain things ought to be different, but none of that “I’m a victim” bullshit.

See the difference?

Haha, yeah. I’m not into the victim thing. I just didn’t understand the technology comment. :slight_smile:

I figure some people really are more non-conformist than you and I, and that using technology probably has nothing to do with it.

Of course it does.

  • 1 Race
  • 1 Language
  • 1 Goal

Diversity is a coping mechanism created by the same mind that assigned Jesus his divinity.

I don’t think you can judge a book by its cover here; who are these people don’t question authority? The adults these days lived during the punk rock area. Conformity might only be superficial; but what are you referring to exactly?

Not a taunt, dahling, just an observation.

An observation based upon your own social conformity, love.

And of course, your non-conformity is based on? Trying to get outside the inside is a bitch, ain’t it? :laughing:

Well, if that’s how you’d like to look at it, you know what they say – takes one to know one. :wink: