Societies Ignorance.....

it is disturbing but what are we to do. I’ve had similar discussions like this with Magius (Gadfly) many of times. In fact that is what sparked the idea of XXI. But lately I’ve wondered how much of my life needs to be sacrificed in order to help them. To motivate them.

I have started lately calling myself Ender Wiggins a lot lately. And Plato’s Allegory of the Cave comes to mind. Many times I feel alienated everywhere I go. I do things that I believe will leave me financially independent within twenty years ago. I’ve even tried to keep people together so that we can come up as a group. But when it really comes down to it I was alone and I didn’t know it.

We the one’s that like to think are the last of a dying, but neccessary, breed.

Here is something I wrote on TMR

There are too many in society who fail to care. It seams lately, our generations are being taught not to care in order to take the easy route through life. But many fail to see, it is not easier to live life without knowledge. But having already given up on knowledge, they usually never realize this. Conflicts erupt over nothing. Hardly any of these people have a good stance on any subject, but argue their point of view anyways.

Indifference is mounting.

People lose respect for eachother because they see eachother as someone without knowledge, who is out for themselves, and having no real purpose in life but to gain riches, not intelligence. They fail to see however, that they themselves are doing the same.

The majority of those in society in which you will encounter more frequently, are those who find no desire in knowledge but just a desire to gain power and riches without bettering the system. It is these people who often argue and fight. You must rise above this group of people, and realize the only way to live is to live with the desire to gain this knowledge so many lack.

With the continuation of your persuit of better understanding of your world, you will be better able to seperate these people from yourself, and realize why they are the way they are.

The more knowledge you gain through philosophy, the farther you can remove yourself from these people.

It may feel you are then becoming more alone, but it is better that you do. Pursue the world you wish to have, and in that, find friends with shared visions. It is possible.

It is better to wait and find great lasting friends, then to hope for them and find faulted ones to stand in their place while you lack them.