Dude if you can’t answer the question don’t but don’t pretend you have by talking crap. It’s not big or clever.

I didn’t pretend that I’ve answered the question. I mean, really… wow.

You are actually THIS stupid?

Surely you’re just trolling around.

While you’re at it, troll yourself out of my topic.

Oh for God’s sake I was trying to ask you about the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath apparently there isn’t one, and hence I am trolling. Sheezus it’s just a question it wasn’t meant to be that hard. I really was not trying to troll, it was just a question.

Yeah yeah, now you’re just embarrassing yourself even further. Just go away. Or better yet, contribute something. This is my thread, so add to it or get out.

Or go cry somewhere else because someone wouldn’t hand you a thought gift-wrapped on a silver platter when you said “jump”.

Yes, lets talk sociopathy. Sociopathy of the entire human species today.

What’s that? You don’t understand you say?

Well, you’re in denial of your own sociopathy thinking you’re somehow different, but I assure you, you’re not. You’re one in the same.

Yeah ok can you answer the question though? It’s not a hard question, I did have a point, didn’t think it would be that hard for you to answer? What is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath?

Honestly I am not trying to rob you here or embarrass you it’s a genuine question that has nothing at all to do with anything it’s just awaiting an answer? honestly no problem if you don’t want to answer it, genuinely it’s not at all important. I just was trying to make a point, point not made shit happens.

If we were to define the human species as sociopathic, how would we go about it?

Well, I think the last 2500 years of human history would be the most obvious testament of evidence. Does anybody disagree?

What’s the difference between a duck and a goose?

Christianism is anti-sociopathy as a kind of controlled sociopathy, a selective mechanism via taking a scalpel to the heart and inserting preprogramed ‘codes’. Most people follow these codes and they produce empathetic responses in certain situations. But this shows two things, 1) that Christianism has continued the long tradition of effacing the self, and 2) that Christianism (tends to) makes sociopathy impossible. Many of those “codes” are written with empathy in mind.

Empathy is one of the keys to the entire conscious edifice. That’s why most people don’t dare touch it (and for good reason, usually). The fallout is never pretty, and often not even survivable.

It’s called religious sociopathy. There are many ways to be sociopathic.

Don’t let yourself think the non-christians haven’t already been thoroughly christianized.

There is only one kind of “sociopathy” but many kinds of sociopaths (sociopathic manifestations, effects). Don’t confuse the real issue.

“Sociopath”, like “religion” or “christian”, is just a word. What lies beyond surfaces?

Are you so obsessed with Christianity, that is all you see?

There are religions far older than Christianity which much of its history is owed to.

Quite the obsession you got there. Maybe I should be calling you John The Baptist instead.

My only obsession is with truth. Christianism is the dominant form of modernity, of the first world. “The West”. And it is continuing to spread quite virally in terms of cultural expansions.

Christianism is the only true enemy.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, Islam is the largest and most fast growing religion.

Christianity doesn’t concern me.

If I were you, I’d be more concerned with the Jihadists. (Laughs)

And the reason to be concerned is because a religion can make someone a sociopath. The other people are no longer human and this means the natural impulse to feel empathy in many situations is cut off by ideas.

Islam is nothing. Islam has power only because the christian man has handed him a lease on wealth and weaponry, in exchange for his oils and land to use for strategic bases.

The energy crisis will put an end to Islam. Islam is an entirely un-powerful system and can never stand up to scientific-technological society of modern christianism.

It sounds like you are conflating guilt or something else with empathy. Certainly what some people call empathy - which is actually them thinking about what a good person is or following some other mental construct - can and generally does enslave emotions and actions that are not aligned with the ideal. But to say that empathy enslaves emotions is to put emotions inside the self and posit empathy as non-self. It is part of our emotional lives, or is so for many of us. Just as, not liking getting poked in the Eye is part of a set of triggers of irritation to rage, so are the various things that will trigger empathy. This is not new to humans or even new in humans since most social mammals have empathy, even cross species on occasion. It is also a process separate from our emotional Life.