"Some" Nexus cards revoked

Even the level of scrutiny of the NEXUS program is apparently not sufficient to allow “some” Muslims to travel. :laughing:

cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/u … -1.3966514

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NEXUS_(fr … er_program

Why are you calling the people affected Muslims? Oh wait, you’re just adding that part because the truth isn’t good enough to make your point. :slight_smile:

It does seem excessive, but it’s not affecting Canadian citizens, it’s affecting people from the 7 banned nations who are permanent residents of Canada.

So apparently this sort of thing isn’t out of the ordinary.

Restrictions on travel are constitutional as long as they apply to all citizens of a country. If they applied to only Muslims then it would not pass.

Is the US going to take only Christian refugees from Syria? It can’t do that either because that would be unconstitutional.

It’s an elaborate game, but people are not so stupid that they don’t see what’s going on. :smiley:

If the US doesn’t want these people to cross the border and spend money in the USA, then it’s shooting itself in the foot.

Trump wants biometrics on the Canadian border … that’s less tourism, less cross-border shopping, a less friendly border. The US is not going to get anything useful out of it. We are talking about 400,000 border crossings per day.

A large scale revocation not based on a specific act or incident is out of the ordinary.

I suggest you read:


So we’re agreeing that calling the people with their Nexus cards revoked “Muslims” was reaching on your part, then.

So we’re agreeing that the ban was Constitutional, then.

It seems like what you’re saying is that the ban is bad not because of what it actually does, but because of what you imagine the people responsible would have liked to have done if the law worked completely different than it does.

That’s a pretty fucking weird standard. I’m not sure any politician could meet it. Incidentally, the judge who just lifted the suspension of the travel ban agrees with me:

cnn.com/2017/02/03/politics/ … ravel-ban/

According to GNAnetwork (whatever that is), judge Gorton phrased it this way:

"Early on Sunday, a magistrate judge in Boston issued an injunction that for seven days blocked enforcement of the order, which the White House has contended is necessary for national security.

“Where does it say Muslim countries?” U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton on Friday asked Matthew Segal, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) representing the plaintiffs in the Boston case.

“If your honor’s question is, ‘Does the word ‘Muslim’ make a profound presence in this executive order?,’ my answer is that it doesn’t,” Segal said. “But the president described what he was going to do as a Muslim ban and then he proceeded to carry it out.”

Gorton shot back, “Am I to take the words of an executive at any point before or after election as a part of that executive order?”

It’s not that elaborate. You want to accuse Trump of banning Muslims from entering the U.S. Sadly for you, he didn’t actually do that, so you have to resort to arguing that he sort of did or he wishes he could, or will any day now, or whatever else you can do to maintain your position despite reality.

Sure, that is certainly one of the drawbacks of this: these people we aren’t allowing into the country won’t be able to come and spend money here. You know, for 90 days.

That is true.

You’re going to follow the letter of the law until you fall off the cliff. All sorts of tyrannical regimes had wonderful laws that they fully obeyed.

Only dangerous persons were sent to concentration camps. Only crazy people were sent to insane asylums and political opponents were crazy by definition. Only dangerous Americans went to internment camps.

Some people never learn. :laughing:

Sure, that is certainly one of the drawbacks of this: these people we aren’t allowing into the country won’t be able to come and spend money here. You know, for 90 days.

K: 90 days? actually because people must make decisions months in advance and because
they can’t know in advance what will happen, people will just decide not to come to the U.S
and we will lose billions in tourism money… why come when you are just not sure if you can
get in or be able to get out of a country… I for one, given a possibility I may spend a whole lot
of money and get screwed out of it because of political games, will decide to go somewhere
else… I predict that our tourism numbers will be way, way, way down this year because
of 45 (the thing is to name Herr Trumpf by his number, so I am trying it out) anyway,
Disney for example has already had a lot of cancellations after this new came out, so
45 has already cost this country a great deal of money… btw, Disney is now anti-45…
it is never a good idea to piss off a mouse…


The Nexus cards are not suspended for 90 days, they are cancelled permanently. The people affected will need to reapply or apply to some replacement program.

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