Some time management and self-control tips?

Recently I have some days free. But the strange thing is I don’t used to this. When I work in the office, all of my time there is managed by my boss, he told me when I should start and finish a task…

There are two things I love doing: one is watching documentaries and another is discuss with people online like this. But I was often faced with the situation that I want to use the afternoon to watch some interesting documentaries, and at the same times I also want to use this rare amount of leisure time to discuss something on this forum. And the result is often I can not do either of those two things happily…

If I decide to do A first, then I need to use my willpower to stop thinking about doing B, and If I do B first, I need to use my willpower to stop thinking about doing A.

Afterall, do you have some time management and self-control tips? I ask this question because you are a philosopher. :laughing: Thank you!


I cannot say anything about your time management because i know nothing about that but i can certainly help in the other cause.

Perhaps, I am repeating this for the fifth time but it deserves repetition.

Secondly, this will also help you in your pursuit of philosophy a lot.

with love,

I’ve always liked that terminology time management.

It always implies that an authority figure or system needs to manage your short duration here on planet earth.

It’s right up there with other various absurd terminologies like that of human resources.

Indeed, very absurd, but necessary, if anything… I understand the personal invasive nature of it, but it’s relative to population increase…Strangely enough, you seem to view things in such a similar way to myself…It’s like we have a naturally detached state where everybody else automatically unconsciously assimilates without personal objection to anything, and this isn’t even a personal objection, more like an indifference of some kind…

I’ve always been like this…where everything has this weird orientation to it…like…

“opening hours”
“market place”
“checking out”
“moral compass”
“public opinion”
“bed time”

I dunno, it’s just odd, it’s like nobody else understands this…

Life is an arena; the Roman Colosseum. Time is your opponent.

Stand your ground; slay your opponent and you have earned your freedom.

“reverse psychology”
“public interest”
“free market”
Now, back to our regular programming.

I know how you feel; it’s quite common to be pulled in opposite direction by one’s desires, and thus failing to satisfy them.
Here is a suggestion.
Make a list of the documentaries - preferably in order of priority - that you intend to watch during this time off.
Schedule the viewing of one or two a day, to coincide with a meal - say one for lunch and one for dinner. Unless, of course, you have a commitment to meals with family. In that case, you might have some hand-work to do (I do all my fine sanding of wood projects in front of the tube; you might have something else: silver polishing, net-mending, knitting, cherry pitting… whatever is portable and doesn’t need a lot of your mind). You can’t pair those activities with internet discussion.
In between, take some time for the forums. It might be a good idea to decide how long each session will be, but that doesn’t work for everyone.
Myself, I leave the computer on ‘sleep’ while I do my other work, and sit down whenever I’m tired or there is a natural break between tasks.

Don’t forget to get some exercise from time to time!

Your drives are interwoven, this is a result of suppression. Office job does that to a man. What makes you unhappy is the fact that you do not know this new rhythm of your drives, the way they switch between each other. As a result, you end up mismatching the rhythm, applying your old knowledge to the now different situation, which leads to you exaggerating one of the drives and denying the other. You need to get in touch with the new rhythm and learn how to “dance” with them. You will have to multitask, apparently.

Easy way to spot a slave: disconnects his will from his body.

What he commands to his body is never grounded in his own body.

“Let’s just do this for X amount of time and then do that for Y amount of time”, he says to himself without any regard for the biological rhythm of his drives.

Drives switch between each other, there is a pattern to this switching, you must know this pattern if you want to control yourself.

So it’s as easy as that, huh? You’re telling me the following exchange would not be ridiculous:

Hey Tony, did you see that?

See what Joey?

That fella over there… I think he’s a slave… he just disconnected his will from his body.

I knew something wasn’t right with that guy! I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Yep, that’s gotta be it… that is definitely it; that fella has disconnected his will from his body, Joey.

You are a leper, Zoot, that’s what you are, that’s what lepers do, they use humor to ridicule serious and important ideas in order to make smart people look like complete and utter fools in the eyes of the girls.

Moreover, your lies, they aren’t transient; no, they aren’t throwaway lies you use once and discard afterwards, they persist, they are permanent, they are the kind of lies that become the bible of lowlives.

Take them away and your worth becomes nothing, absolutely nothing, and as I expose your lies, and others become aware of your disguise, you are forced to step it up, bring that language game of yours a notch or two higher of course, and become a leper so big we’ll have no choice but to dig.

But for different reasons, of course.

Gotta prove yourself, I understand, but you do so in such a pathetic way. Your humor, even when funny, is pathetic.

I don’t know who I like the best, that man fighting in the bar, that dude picking up on the streets, that bodybuilder lifting weights, or that Zoot the ultimate language playa.

Internet forum philosophy is a hustler’s game, Max, always haz been. You never know what the next dude is gonna do and you have to watch your arguments at all times. You think I do this because I want to? It comes with the territory… I don’t even know you bro… how do I know you aren’t a Cartesian Dualist or a Trotskyean Internationalist or even a Hartshornean Process Theologist?

So you don’t manage your time? Then how to prevent the waste of your time?

Could you elaborate? Thanks.

Hello humunculus, Thank you for your valuable advice!! :slight_smile:
You mentioned the “natural break between tasks”. That’s a brilliant notion, because I found if I spent a lot of time, say, the whole morning to watch documentaries then it seems the joy of watching them is diminished, but if I switch from tasks to tasks , for example, between one hour of documentaries and one hour of going online and discuss, then I can be happier…

BTW, what do you do for exercise? I like jogging…

Hello Magnus Anderson,
Why do you think that office jobs “does that to a man”? could you explain it further?

I agree with the rest of your ideas, but this one is hard for me to understand. :confused:

No kidding! That’s the whole wrong way to do it. Documentaries are more or less serious, and they all have a different pace and point of view, mood and tone. You don’t gobble them up like popcorn; you need time to digest one before you start another. (The only exception I know is travelogues, or something undemanding like that, in a series.) A great way to do that is to switch to some mundane activity - like jogging. Washing the floor, raking leaves, cleaning the eaves-troughs… doesn’t matter. While your body is busy doing something, your mind can be busy going over what you’ve just learned. Also, this way you get to enjoy the same film twice and remember it better.

And you wouldn’t get impatient with what you’re doing or cut off circulation to your legs or become a totally boring person.
An hour might not be the optimal time for every activity, but it’s a good arbitrary measure.

Last week, it was bringing in the firewood. We had it dumped farther from the house, so it’s all got to be loaded on the wheelbarrow, trundled to the woodshed, unloaded and stacked. I’m a master at stacking, but the trundling and loading part is harder every year. I can only do three or four loads before my back starts complaining, so I space it out over the whole day. This week, I’ve got to prep and paint new siding for the front porch. Winter’s coming; there is plenty to do.

Do you find those activities interesting?

It’s difficult to find a job that is in tune with our natural biological rhythm, so most people, out of fear of having no job, no money, out of fear of death as well as shame, go for jobs that are counter to their biological rhythms, which leads to suppression.

An office job imposes an artificial mode of behavior, which is a mode of behavior which one does not “desire” but simply “must” do, a mode of behavior which exaggerates certain drives and suppress other drives. If you have to “force” yourself to do it, then it’s unnatural. And office jobs tend to be like that.

When you “force” yourself to do something, you exaggerate certain drives and deny others.

This then changes your natural biological rhythm. When you free your long suppressed drives they start overlapping each other in very complex patterns.

Moreover, office slaves tend to forget what it means to be connected to one’s drives, so when they go home, they sort of desire to continue suppressing themselves, cause that’s what they are used to.

Most people in this world is not rich enough to not go to work, then what’s the solution for them?