Something irritating

What irritates you?

It irritates me when I see guys who stand with their feet pointing towards each other. Faggots.

perhaps its a gesture he learned by surrounding himself with women

People who call other people faggots.



I call my friends faggots when they are acting like wusses, doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight, cowardice is not a sexuality issue. :slight_smile:

Do gay men do this? If so I haven’t noticed. Heads up for the old Gaydar, mine is awful. Cheers. :slight_smile:

People who use catch phrases from popular TV like it’s meant to be highly original and funny in any situation.

“How you doin’…?”
“I’ll be much better when you are no longer here thanks.” :wink:

I’m irritated by having to repeat myself so people get what I’m saying, but instead they just look at me with a blank expression on their face until I drum the point I am trying to make into them with this repetitiveness that they so need in order to understand… reminds of the Upanishads which are repetitive beyond a joke.

What irritates me is looking in my wing-mirror and seeing a car right up my arse, sometimes I slow right down just to piss them off.
What irritates me is slow drivers, I tend to bug them by driving too close behind them.

An interesting circular paradox. :slight_smile:

Oh Uddhava…