Something uplifting for a change...

Hi everyone,
Today was one of those days that made me happy to be alive. I went for a late afternoon surf, the waves were really good, and I was in the water as the sun set. Everything was perfect; the sea surface was glassy, the crowd was thin, there were a couple of beauties sitting on the beach… It was really beautiful and peaceful, reminded me of Zen or something.

Anyways, I’d love to hear about anyone else’s greatest times, events, and/or moments of triumph; anything that has made them feel really whole and “at home” on this planet.

Today, being in the park looking upon the lake and feeling the breeze upon my face. What made it perfect however is the thought of love near by.

“The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.” – Genghis Khan

Thanks for posting this thread. It is nice to here something Positive for a change.

In my case, the “place” is/was in northern-lower-Peninsula Michigan. I live in the busy urban area of Southeastern Michigan. You can’t really see the stars very well, it is often cloudy, dusty, and quite loud in general. When I’m up-north (usually hunting), everything is clearer, and far more settled down & quiet. And you can see about 7 times more stars up-north than down by where I live. I still would rather live where I do (urban) than up-north, though. :sunglasses:


Underground man, is that “the love between a man and a woman or the love of a man for a fine cuban cigar?” (Dr. Hibbard, the Simpsons)

My Real Name, hope you don’t consider me an enemy.

BMW, i agree on the stars thing. Once i was at a lake in the mountains (northern CA), sleeping outside, and woke up in the middle of the night to a meteor shower. It was really cool, especially since it was so clear.

I have to say a woman. But a fine cuban cigar after sex sounds pretty ideal. (though mind you I’ve never had a cuban) … Cigar; joker … :wink:

Hail to all positive posts!
Throughout my life I have found that my greatest moments are in the most miniscule details. I know, it’s a cliche, but I think it is a misunderstood cliche. “The little things are what matter” people say, but the way it is interpreted is that it is the little things people do for you that you should really value. Like someone saying thank you, or someone holding the door for you, or someone getting you a flower and so forth. My view of my positive moments in life is slightly different. I find great contentment and happiness in viewing details. For instance, the worst day of my life was when I was about 17 and I began to work as a lifeguard. On my first day I had quite a few trials and tribulations (which the details of are beyond the scope of this post). Needless to say I was very discontent. I went home and opened up my philosophy book (just a book that I write my philosophical ideas and a few other things into) and I decided to make two columns on a single sheet of paper and simply labelled the first ‘good’ and the second ‘bad’. Each consisting of their relevant experiences of that day. I found that at first I was only putting down the things that were most fresh in the mind, which were ofcourse the bad things cause they stick out like sore thumbs in our mind. So I decided to put aside my bias and to look into the details of that day and to write down as many events as my mind would allow me to remember, no matter how small. So I did, to my surprise two things happend. The first is that the list of good things was longer than the bad. More importantly, the good things I really had to think hard about to remember had the most personal worth of that day for me. Secondly, during my writing of this list I was very unhappy, depressed even. But once I finished the list, all my unhappiness subsided and a smile came over my face. I realized that I had had a great day. In addition, I had learned alot from what may have been one of the greatest days of my life.

Presently, when I am down I use some of the following strategies to help me get into a good mood:

  1. focus on breathing! I find that when I am down my breathing becomes shallow, short, and weak - in these moments I often catch myself wondering whether or not I was really breathing. Don’t breath too deeply, just enough that you feel your mood changing.
  2. Look at the details of things, whether they are ideas or material things. When I walk and feel down I try to look at the details of things. For instance, I might look very closely at a leaf on a tree, it’s veins, bugs crawling on it and so forth.
  3. This one might sound bad at first impression, so I’ll need all of you to get your minds out of the gutter. ‘Caress’ something. No matter where you are you can always find a way to caress something without anyone knowing. Whether its a table, a tree, clothing, skin, water, or whatever; caress something and really focus on the feeling coming through your fingers.
  4. Sing! (something that is inspirational to you)

I also remember one other experience that stand out in my mind. After quite a few weeks of stress and anguish, I found myself waking up late to school in which I had an exam that day. I hadn’t studied enough (according to me) for the exam, I was late and seriously thought I would miss the exam cause traffic is always really bad, and there was a girl in my class whom I was very attracted to but for some reason my heart kept telling me to get the hell away from her. Anyway, when I woke up, for some reason, with all these things in mind I said “Fuck it!”. I decided that not only would I not rush, but that I would go when I was good and ready totally withdrawing any concern for the consequences of my actions. I washed, ate, and even worked out a little before I left my house. I was happy! On my way to school I didn’t speed, instead I opened up the windows, played some good tunes, and sang. I was happy. I got to school and walked to class calmly, opened the door to the exam room, professor told me I had 50 minutes left. I looked at him and smiled and said “sure”. I sat down and calmly read over the exam, wrote my answers calmly and even finished in time. The entire day was great and everything worked out.

What’s your take?

How about Gadfly’s no.3 with Underground man’s Cuban :smiley:

There are distinct moments when I feel more alive and sensual, those moments usually have some heat with them.

I will have to say though, there is something about sitting on the patio during a warm humid summer night with a little heat lightning flickering in the sky. The kind of night that follows an extremely hot day. You get the idea nature knows something and is gracious enough to let you in on the secret. So I sit on the patio during one of those kind of nights, drinking a beer and listening to the bullfrogs in our pond. Everything has a rythm to it, and unspoken desire, it seems almost lustful. I don’t know, theres just somthing really sensual and calm about it. And every once in a while a nice breeze decides to pass through and the leaves on the trees sound like the waves in the ocean. There is a stillness, a surrender its just being in the state of being.

“Be still and know that I am.”-God

I’m sorry, but this advice has been grossly exaggerated and over used by nearly everyone. Whoever has a problem is advised to take deep breaths. Frankly, breathing doesnt do anything for me. The best it can do is distract me from my thoughts, something that can be done with whatever else, not just breathing.
If you want to relieve stress and tension, sure, breathing may help. But it doesnt have the magical ability to make you happy.

Breathing more deeply puts more oxygen in your bloodstream than normal. This can easily reduce stress & tension at times.

In addition, Gadfly was talking about what makes him happy, not what makes you happy.

What would make ol’ StevieD (me) happy is if you stopped compaining about other’s posts, and started posting your own (positive, please) relavent responses.

Hey Heather, “sensual,” “unspoken desire,” “lustful,” sounds hot to me!! :laughing:

what can I say, I like some heat. :wink: