Sons of Anarchy

Does anyone watch this show? I’ve been watching the first season over the past months. I like it but it’s not great. Not as addictive as Breaking Bad and no where near as powerful a set up as The Wire – but I like to learn a bit about biker-gangs.


I’ve seen it. It’s not bad. Those guys, are just like the guys I went to hang out with in New York for new year’s. Like every one of em wears this leather biker vest and they all listen to lots of death metal. There’s a cocaine dealer amongst em, this one guy is on trial for murder, I mean a crazy crowd. Only some of em have motorcycles, and one guy was driving a hearse. I dunno man I’d never been in a crowd of people like that, but my childhood friend became a leader for one state in this death metal leather vest wearing cocaine slinging murdering gang and now he lives there. So I got to go like a national geographic reporter and check it out. We were basically shit faced all over brooklyn. It was hilarious. I mean I’m surrounded by 80 guys in biker vests with huge beards and knives and what have you, and I"m wearing a fizzy beanie and a green puffy north face jacket. I’m sure it looked hilarious.

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!