soon to come

I am deep in research into (or to say more correctly a return)
into conservatism. I am writing a a fairly long essay
on conserativism. Watch for it in essay’s soon.


I look forward to it!

it’s sad because i know i would be interested to read it but i also know i am severly limited in my ability to do so by ADD. :smiley:

On the plus side, you get drugs perscribed that the rest of us have to spent time and money mucking around the underbelly of the world looking for.

no, i don’t take anything for it

Hello F(r)iends,

Shouldn’t a stupid notice like this be put in Mundane Babble?
I mean, it’s nothing that contributes to Social Sciences (not at this time).
If you are writing something there’s no need to announce it…
We can wait until it fucking arrives.


It’s marketing Thirst.

A very big-business, corporate-America type of thing to do. I’m impressed.

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Hi thirst,

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to put a post. Seems like he’s being semi-serious and as long as he isn’t trying to sell anything… It could easily get lost in Mundane because the posts in mundane are so… well, you know, mundane.

Is this a preview thread? Are we doing previews for threads we’re planning on writing now? It seems kinda silly.

Mundane Babble is like the Tao, for what else is so alike to water?


The supreme good is like water,
which nourishes all things without trying to.
It is content with the low places that people disdain.
Thus it is like the Tao.

Like sand through the hourglass?

These are the days of our lives.

Yeah, filled with little to nothing better to do.

Er… That’d be… Water.

Please God Xander, don’t tell me you’ve been Tian-ized too… :astonished:


I have always enjoyed reading the Tao. Well, at least ever since my first time, that is. Chuang Tzu can be better. I appreciate the Trickster. My father saw to that. My full blown infatuation with the Tao was brief and long ago, but we have remained good friends.

Really now, water isn’t alike to water, it simply is water.

There must be some degree of dissimilarity for things to be “alike” each other. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello F(r)einds,

Mundane Babble is like the Tao and the Tao is like soda…
Everybody loves soda cause its delicious but ultimately a waste of calories.
Which describes Mundane Babble to a “t”…



Tabula Rasa,

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Slippery when Wet.
The softest of all overcomes the hardest of all


No, not soda. Soda can make you fat. Mundane Babble makes you slim. Of course if you stay here all of the time then you will be a pitiful waif.

Hello F(r)iends,

No think about it, Xanderman…
In Mundane, post Counts grow fat…
Soda makes you grow fat…
Mundane is there for your pleasure
Soda is there for your pleasure
Mundane Babble, in excess, is bad for your mental health…
Soda, in excess, is bad for your physical health…

Mundane Babble is like the Tao…
It’s all nice, even fun for a time, but ultimately fruitless and devoid of anything of long lasting worth.
Take it from me, when it comes to drinks, obey your…

-Thirst :wink: