sorry guys... back to math HELP!! (ps. GCT can't do this)

can anyone help me integrate this…??
its got to be between the bounds 2pi and pi
oh and left in terms of pi and i just don’t know where to begin!!!
∫x^2sin(1/2x) dx


There once was a time in which I forced to do stuff like this… That time has long since passed.

Change the thread title to ‘GCT can’t solve this’ and you’ll have an answer in no time!

lol… hmm i’ll give it another 10 minutes and then try that… i don’t suppose you can cast your memory back…? i’m really desperate here, it’s killing me. and i’m pretty sure it should be really simple

I tried to when I first read it but it’s not workin…

Most of the time my brain is just a flurry of bad puns being mixed around by a metaphysical lightning whirlpool. My math ability seems to be fairly close to the drain at this point.

I’m all rhetoric baby! :sunglasses:

damn damn damn

It’s been a while since I’ve done any integration, but that does look familiar. Have you tried simplfiying it using a logarithm?

Click+ copy+ click+

Easy as pi.

Maths was invented by an Evil Gene!

-I only know the most basic mathematics! That’s all a human needs. Maths is a fascinating subject…

If Maths is the language of the Universe then



All that you need to know

yeah i got that I had to integrate it by parts its just i have to do it twice… and its not that simple


∫x^2sin(1/2x) dx

OK, so let’s take the ln . .

something like: -.5cos(.5x)^2 lnx
Then, errr . . . e^(-.5cos(.5x)^2/x)

That doesn’t look right at all . . .


It’s been so long and I never was very good at it to begin with.

i’ve done it… witha little help from Ben… (who I now love :smiley:) all is well with the world… but if anyone feels like stretching their brain muscles I can now tell them the answer!!!

Ok, ok, here’s the simple solution then. Say the fuck with that, send your calculus paper into the shredder, and then!..walk away. At least that’s what I would do. :smiley: Or you could integrate it by parts twice.

Hey, from the looks of your post above, your paper has been rescued from the shredder. N/m. Here you go. =D>

oh by the way… what mighthelp is if i mention that by (1/2x) i mean (x/2)

Umm if this isn’t saving the world I am not stretching. Oh wait I can’t stretch. I probably ditched that day or semester, Oh wait I dropped out. OOPs. I know the answer to 1+1 if any need to know.

Yay Kris! Forget those geeks, you’re in the cool club now. :sunglasses: High five!

Some people send flowers…some people send chocolates…

I help solve maths problems. I knew this degree would come in handy at some point.

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It’s amusing how the British call it “math(s)” whereas Americans call it “math”. It always seems to strike me as grammatically incorrect.

Well…our educational instituions were founded as early as the 6th century, 1100 years or so before any pilgrim decided to ship over the pond. So I think we’ll go with maths ok? :wink:

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i’m afraid to ask why… ???