Sotomayer confirmed for Supreme court

Sotomayer has been confirmed for the U.S Supreme court today.
We don’t actually know what kind of justice she will be, but she can’t be
any worse than Clarence “I am an idiot” Thomas, but the key votes on such things
as Roe vs Wade are a’coming for better or worse.


Why should we expect Roe v Wade to be revisited? It hasn’t been, much. Is there something looming that I don’t know about?

I’m just glad we finally got some latino wisdom on the court. Plus she’s a fantastic speaker, I mean, did anyone watch her hearings? The lady is the absolute pinnacle of eloquence. Really. No seriously. I mean that. Really.

That’s Latin-a wisdom.

hmmm… politics and appearances. :-k

I know! I’m gonna vote for Camacho in 2012…'coz he looks so badass. :handgestures-thumbup: :sunglasses: