Soul Vs. Spirit

In an age whene there is much confusion between soul and spirit, it is incumbent upon those who know to divulge the difference. It is also incumbent upon the mouth of a philosopher to speak the truth.

The book of Ecclesiates is quite explicit in its insinuation that “The soul doth die with the body.” Such insinuations have led many to believe that there is but this life and this life alone.

However, this fallacy is based upon a misconception.It is a concept that not only pervades science, but one that also pervades amongst believers.

It is both a fallacy of semantic and concepyualization. In a world where Rhodes scholars ask what is meant by the word “is,” perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Semantics is outside the scope of this essay, just knowing that the confusion over soul and spirit is a semantic confusion should suffice.

Soul and spirit are not the same thing. Repeat. The soul and spirit are not the same thing.

Before I get to deep into this, think about the mind and what actually animates the body. Does the mind animate the body, or is the body animated by an exterior force? If the mind is the exterior force, then why do thoughts radiate from the inside, outward?

There is no substitute for the glee after realization that soul & spirit are not interchangeable. My first realization of it was when I was pondering the age old quips of “The soul doth die with the body” and “There is no rememberance in the grave.”

The first thing that needs to be realized is what was going on when these quips were uttered from the writer thereof. The Jews and egyptians were in constant conflict. The Jews, naturally, were quite opposed to any Egyptian doctrine.

What exactly did the Egyptians believe when “The soul of the body” and “There is no rememberance in the grave” were uttered? Well, the Egyptians believed that the spirit came to reanimate the body after death. Now, read the quotes. Think about what they are saying in relation to the Egyptians.

The egyptians labeled the spirit “Ka.” The “Ka” was said to remain connected to the body after death, according to the Egyptians. The two quotes that I refer to is a rebuttal of Egyptian belief.

Now to understand that “The soul doth die with the body,” one has to understand what the soul is. The soul is not “The breath of life;” that label is designated to the spirit.

The soul is the carnal mind of man. It is connected to our emotions, physical feelings,desires. The soul is what causes man to remain within the matrix of materialism.

When one is angry, the soul or carnal mind is what causes one to display anger. Most likely, the Egyptians mistook the soul to be the spirit of man.
Even in this day and age,we connect the carnal mind,our thoughts,feelings, emotions, et cetera, with spirit. Why? That’s the ruling opinion of the day. We also connect mind to consciousness which is another fallacy.

The soul does indeed die with the body. When the body dies, our emotions die therewith. The spirit has no need for emotion. Emotion is the product of gross material.

The soul is the carnal mind, which is the originator of sin. When the body dies, the spirit fluffs off the carnal mind. The soul is in need of sin because gross material existence is immersed in sin.

The spirit or “breath of life” is eternal. It is the animating animator. It comes from the very creator that sparked the universe in primal existence. The spirit, unlike the soul, has no need for emotion, desire or sinfulness.

Now, it’s important to explore the concept of soul and spirit in more depth to really understand. It would be so easy to just say that the soul is the carnal mind and the spirit is “The breath of life.” That, however, is only a preliminary understanding.

To really understand the soul, we muct go back to the beginning. We all know the story in Genesis of adam and Eve. We all know the mortal sin of Adam and Eve eating of the “forbidden” fruit. What this “forbidden” fruit was is a whole other issue.

Now, from the time Adam and Eve left the “garden,” humanity has developed a soul. The original sin is what originally trapped man in the matrix. The soul is an extension of the matrix in which we live.

What is on the outside is a reflection of what is going on within the soul. The spirit has no influence upon the physical matrix whatsoever. It can’t because the spirit is not a product of the physical matrix; the soul is.

So, how does the spirit animate the body if it has no influence in the physical matrix? Only by the will of he who took upon himself a “strange flesh,” does the spirit animate the body. Only through the spirit’s will does the body move.

The physical matrix does not have a buffer to block the will of the spirit. However, the spirit only has the will to animate the body within the matrix, nothing more.

So, if the spirit is not of the physical matrix, why the interest in animating the body? Simple. The spirit elected to take on a “strange flesh.” Once the spirit elected to take on this “strange flesh,” it became the animating animator.

So what does all of this mean? It means that life is eternal. It means that death is illusion. Since death only exists within the physical matrix,and the physical matrix is an illusion, death is an illusion.

Peace,Love and Light,


Many find it hard to believe that a born again believer can have a demonic spirit simply they don’t understand the difference between the soul and the spirit of a man. They believe everything is made new the moment a person accepts Jesus (which is true for the man’s spirit), but they naturally accept the fact that a person can be born again yet they can still be in bondage to sin (darkness or evil).The soul and the spirit are not the same
Even though our Bible uses the words soul and spirit interchangeably, there is a very distinct difference that we cannot ignore. These passages in God’s Word that make a very clear distinction between the soul and the spirit:

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God bless!!

I probably shouldn’t get into this but might you be suggesting that the soul is the mind or ego and the spirit is something else. I personally do not believe in the duality of mind/spirit and body but I want to understand what you’re getting at. As an atheist its like having a debate whether a sound in the attic is a ghost or an invisible unicorn. However I am thankfully not convinced that I am right about everything and concede that I could be wrong regarding the soul and the duality of life. My primary contention with the “soul/spirit” argument is the requirement of a supernatural realm. It chafe’s my rational inclinations. William James might ask however what is the practical difference if there is a realm that is unknowable to my life. If it is by nature unknowable then how does my “belief” or “unbelief” change my life. What are the benefits? What are the costs? Does it fit in with the rest of my views? If not I am forced to make a choice whether to cast out this new idea or to cast out my old views. You can see that’s why it’s so difficult to convince people like me. And yet I do want to understand you because you never know. You might one day hit on the one thing that ties it all together or does the job better. Anyway that my 2 cents.

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I found this explanation very interesting. What is best, the renewing of the carnal mind/soul (the changing of programmed Beliefs) vs Moving out of my Carnal Mind into the Present Moment - as to which is most effective in improving my quality of life, with respect to the Fears and insecurities generated by my Carnal Mind!

Having tried both methods, especially after being plagued with PTSD most of my life, I have found the most effective method is the Spiritual approach - Let go and let God - or Mindfulness, staying in the present moment, out of my Carnal Mind.

The Present Moment or NOW is where I have found Peace of MInd and Love, instead of Fear, Greed, Shame, Guilt, Hostility, the Fight Flight response, and Survival of the Fittest.

I was an Atheist/Agnostic from age 16 to 80, as a result of being Brain Washed into Believing that I was a Cardinal Sinner if I missed Mass on Sunday etc, and didn’t Confess my Sins to a Man, who had the power of God to forgive me, so I wouldn’t spend Eternity in Hell. This caused me to experience life through an irrational maze of Emoltions such as Fear, Guilt, Shame etc, generated by my Carnal Mind. To deal with the Emotional Chaos, I denied the existance of a Powerfull, Intelligent, Loving, Creative Force that has expressed its Self throough 13 1/2 billion years of Evolving to Higher Levels of Creation,

I see Mankind as being a product of an Original Explosion of chaotic energy, called the Big Bang - that became Self Organizing, formed sub atomic particles into Molecules into things and living organisms. I now see this as being purposeful and not an accident. The complexity of Man himself convinced me that Atoms cannot accidentally create the Natural Life I see on Planet Earth today. I see the Human Being and it’s Carnal Mind as being an ongoing part of this evolutionary development. I also see the Spirit of this Powerful force being present in all of Mankind, regardless of their Beliefs. In short I see myself as being a part of this God Force, that was present in Jesus, Buddha and other Spiritual Leaders of the past.

I see Religion as being as byproduct of the Carnal Mind of Man, rather than the spiritual part of him that is part of this Creative God Force. I do not wish to step on any Religions Toes, because I think they are also evolving. Some much closer to the Spiritual Truth, than others. I am grateful for the fact that I exist in the present time, rather than the past, where Religious Wars were one of the greatest causes of wars, and still are, but to a lesser degree.

I think that if Man is to find Happiness, he must recognize that he is not his Carnal MInd/Soul, and his Ego/Carnal Mind/ Soul is not the Real Self. I think that some of Mankind has already found this to be True. Staying out of my Carnal Mind, and getting in touch with my Real Self and this Universal Creative Force, called God, is Essential or Mankind shall also shall become extinct.

I think it is time for Humankind to try to get in Sync with this Creative, Loving, Harmonious, Intelligent force (sometimes called God), or become Extinct! That seems to be the Law of Nature. I think Survival of the Fittest philosophy is outdated. Where the Biggest and Best Human Predators should Prey on the weaker and less intelligent.