Sour Grapes Theory

If the Happy one as well as the Sad one can both come up with justifications for their different fates, isn’t this tantamount to a war of asserting superiority of one over the other?

asserting superiority? Who could think of such a thing…

What is the definition of superiority you use.
Most people would say that democracy is superior because of it’s proven results.

But in a spiritual sence, superiorority is of God. God the father knows more about the spirit, and thus created the healing power of the Holy Spirit to heal souls into something simular of that of the innocents and purity of a new soul. To these new souls, the tactics of Sadamn Hussain would turn their stomake. The caloused do sick things to those who feel. Those who want to feel, have a tendency to use their imagination to make their philosophy.

No, because in the end it’s not whether you’re happy with the amount of grapes you’ve got, but the amount of grapes you’ve got that matters.


Actually, it depends on intensity of your will to relate everything back to god, making all him the center of attention in all arguments. So, while for me that claim may be bullshit, for you it may be divinely true.

Motherhood and applepie issues, is that what you’re saying dan?

What’s the difference between truth and bullshit?


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The Sour Grapes Theory (SGT) draws its philosophy from the story a famished fox that went into a vineyard hoping to find grapes. When he got there, he realized that the grapes were too high to reach. Instead he turned his back and went away convincing himself that the grapes were sour anyway.

Many people go about finding all kinds of justifications to their ‘fate’ - a vain attempt to do exactly what the fox did.


Whatever makes you happy.

It’s about as logical as a brisk want.

It’s a matter of system protocol.

We weren’t born of logic or reason. Nature isn’t like that.

Okay dan, that was not really a hepful post.

I don’t understand your use of the word superiority, Humeirah, so all I can do is present my undertanding of the fable.

The goal of the fox is to get grapes. If the grapes in one vineyard seem too high to reach then the fox saves time by saying that they are sour, preventing himself from wasting time on these grapes when he could go to the next. It helps him let go of the first vineyard and speeds him on to the next. The objective here is not happiness, but grapes, and the SG tactic is just a way of getting more grapes.