Spanish. Enspanol.

Lately I have been reading about the Spanish language intensively through books and dictionaries.

( I have even been watching the Spanish public broadcasting network on tv almost religiously everyday in order to get a feel for sentencing, grammar and how to articulate sentencesm via closed captioning.)

Anyhow…Can anyone on this website help me out with Spanish sentencing and pronounciations? brother :sunglasses:

The public computers that I am using don’t allow sound. :confused:


Youtube is like the best since people from around the world speak in other languages–a great place to learn, perhaps the best?

The Rosetta Stone language learning programs are supposed to work wonders, it just takes a good deal of dedication. I’m thinking about buying it and learning Spanish myself.

I have heard of those programs. :slight_smile:

For now I will just have to be content with close captions on the Spanish telvision network. ( Univision.)

For future reference I have found reading Spanish books which teaches English to be a accurate way of learning Spanish.

( A sort of reverse engineering of sorts only with language.)

Ablo poko espanol, perro no bueno. Quierro apprender mass y ahorar quierro apprender con tu en el libre aki si quierres

Don’t buy the rosetta stone. Steal it from the internet. Download the torrent for the programs, then the ones w/ the language packs. Then install the program, burn the language ones to cds and put them in and you’re ready to go.