Special Relativity and Time

I’m currently researching a maths project on special relativity and time. The basic point is that special relativity provides a mathematical picture of time which contradicts with our common sense picture, in that we would commonly think of time as absolute if I see events X and Y as simultaneous, so do you. Relativity, in contrast, says that for some events this isn’t the case. So, I was wondering if anybody who knows something about this could recommend some interesting books, or talk a bit about this themselves. I’ve got the basics of it all down, I know what relativity means, I understand why what it says doesn’t cause any problems with causality (inside and outside light-cones etc), understand the twin paradox (and I mean properly, there isn’t anything paradoxical about the twin that traveled in space being younger, its that they both should be younger etc) and I’m not really looking for anything particularly mathematical. Just some interesting thoughts to finish off my project. So, any good books/thoughts? I’ve found it hard to find anything sufficiently interesting that doesn’t require too much background knowledge, now that I’ve finished with introductory texts.

You could talk about time travel and wormholes, and how relativity allows them. That’s always fun.

Just check online for documentaries on physics, I find he basics are a lot easier to learn through visualizations then through text-alone, I find this also helps with some concepts in biology, but I usually have an understanding of that previously, I find visualizations can greatly help understanding physics/finding somthing interesting to talk about.