Speciale essence of Modern women.

Modern women have this special, repulsive essence to them. It’s like they are another species. Tesla complained abut this essence and say women are too masculine. But I just think Tesla was limited by words, he couldn’t really describe the feeling and neither can I. Tomboys are masculine, masculine women are sexy, Applejack is sexy. Modern women have like this repulsive feeling about them, this corporate feeling where you can’t stand being around them. That’s the best way to describe it. Back in the wild west days, you’d see a woman, and you’d get beside her, and cuddle her.

Nowdays, woman are like this:
Now I know that is a video of a trasexual but it applies to all women, cis women and feminists especially. Someone about modern women strikes fear an unease in our hearts, it’s almost like an encounter with another species.
With women of olde it wasn’t like that, they would sit you down get sexy with you and make you feel comfortable around them. But with modern women it’s not the same, an encounter with a modern female feels like dealing with Romulans in star trek. Discuss this.

Maybe it’s just the result of the consumerist, capitalist society we live in.
Maybe the movies we watch of the olde days simply idealize women as cuddly lil’ damsels.
Maybe women have always been somewhat cold and bitchy in reality.

I think it’s mostly the current environment that molds these women into little bratty divas.
Our culture breeds materialistic, snobby women.
If you were to travel back in time, to a more rural area, the women would probably be more charitable.


Because people were content with less back then. The simple things in life were enjoyed.
With less people around, you begin to appreciate human company more.
Women would be more joyous to encounter a man, more flirty and assertive.

Big cosmopolitan metropolises are filled with people. Human company loses its value when you are surrounded by people on a daily basis.
If you’ve ever been to NYC, you will notice how people just coldly walk right past you, like you are not even there. You feel lonely, ironically, even though you are surrounded by people. You feel like a ghost. Things become more impersonal when you live in big cities.

Women a majority have always been petty, materialistic, dense, and shallow. Nothing new under the sun. As a man you have to learn to just accept it and learn your way around it. You’re not going to change them, believe me. There are ways to navigate around it and interact with them though. It takes time and a lot of frustration but it can be done.

Everything about this world makes me fear we are specimens brought here from another planet.

Take for example, coconuts. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals and fats. Yet, in the 1800’s they couldn’t really import them much at all. We have all these vital superfood needed to exist, from all over the world, yet the Irish only had potatoes. Assuming the 1800’s did exist, and that was not all a lie, and we are just planeted her like Jim Carrey in Maya.

Planted=Planeted. Sound similar?
Compile=Comply. Sound similar?