Okay, so I’m looking up the Greatest Movie Speeches of All Time - there are several sites that keep such lists. My pick isn’t on any.

It’s Richard Crenna - I don’t remember the character’s name - in First Blood (Rambo). The one that ends with - “And don’t forget to bring the body bags” or something close. He’s Rambo’s former C.O. and the speach is given to Brian Denehy’s character. Anyone remember?

Anyone agree?

Any other choices?

I don’t remember, therefore, I don’t agree.

Although, if I watch the movie I might end up agreeing.

It almost reminds me just from the line you gave about the speech from Dirty Harry about how many bullets did he fire, that was amusing but not one of my favorites.

This whole movie speech thing is very hard because it is easier to do it with just movie lines. I liked that Alec Baldwin’s closing statement in Nuremburg, that was very-well done. I don’t know if it should count though because it was almost verbatim to the real thing.

Al Pacino’s speech to Keanu Reeves at the end of Devil’s Advocate was very interesting, I especially liked, “Consider the source, son!”

This is completely lame, but I actually liked the speech given by Bill Pullman in Independence Day, given the context and unrealistic nature of the movie, I just think he did a good job pulling that speech off as though the thing was really going on.

Those are probably the three speeches I liked the most, in no particular order, what do you think of those speeches?


That one resonates with me.

Baldwin had a dandy one in Glengarry Glen Ross, too. Great movie.

I’ll watch it now, well, not now, per se, but… He should be a politician, great speaker, he’s not the one of them (Baldwin Family) that’s into hard drugs is he?

Form and Void, excellent choice, I think that it will replace the Independence Day one that I put. I forgot completely about it, but it certainly beats the speech of a movie that is PG-13 and only so because someone’s ass is in it. I don’t even think they used, “Fuck,” maybe they did, I don’t remember but I don’t think, “fuck,” was in Independence Day.

They probably put her ass in it intentionally to get PG-13. You know, because a G movie is only for the kids, but a PG will not interest the adults. (Or so is the perception)

So now I have Baldwin with Nuremburg, Pacino with Devil’s Advocate, and Nicholson in AFGM…

Pretty good speeches.

You know R. Lee Ermey’s first scene in Full Metal Jacket? I know it was more back and forth that a traditional speech, but could it still be considered a speech?

obama’s template: triumph of the will


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Oh yeah Trautman.

Crenna rocked that part. And his role in Body Heat, too. He had an actual career as an actor before he started doing Lifetime Movies.

John Ritter did a Lifetime movie, you know. I have no idea what it was called or anything like that, I just remember flipping channels and I stopped because it was John Ritter (He was a used car salesman) and then I changed the channel after five minutes because I realized it was lifetime.

There was, simply, the airport speech. There was this. And then there was every other speech.


Pav - I feel your pain. There was a band in having dinner tonight. The hostess thought they were a famous band. So I asked them. Talked to them for a while. In the end, it turns out that they were canadian.

I’m kidding.

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Are you kidding me, Faust?

There were all kinds of great bands that came from Canada…




Avril Lavigne is from Canada…


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Well, Neil Young is from Canada.

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Fuckin’ genius.

Harvest Moon is easily one of the Top 100 Greatest Songs ever IMO.



It doesn’t get much more memorable than this:


How about “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!” Quoted by Judy Garland in the ‘Wizard of Oz’.


The city is ours… if you can count.