Spirit of self-love vs spirit of decadence/ressentiment

Spirit is blood in the head.
There are two sorts of blood which make us reddish: the blood which comes directly from the stomach - it is the fine, well digested blood, produced through self-love and there is another blood which comes from the liver, the unclean, undigested which is produced through hate. This too shoots into the head.

And we can not love our selves if we were not loved by others.

And I can remember Nietzsche saying how much Sophocles was loved…

Pure forms of self-love and love for others exists as a special thing but only for a minority.
The majority are obsessed with the mundane and the religious.

I’d say we can not love others if we can not love ourselves. :-k :slight_smile:

Anyone with love generating capacity will show love for many things, even loving inanimate objects and appreciating them.

“When lizbethrose was 30 days old, she left her homeland and the lake of her homeland and went into the mountains…”

I’m guessing you flunked the French Foreign Legion’s medical training, didn’t you? Why inject a liter of saline solution into someone’s arm as the instructor says when you can take a syringe and suck good blood from the stomach and inject it directly into the his head?

How about you tell us about the blood of menstruation again, and how it effects female intelligence when the blood of their brain/stomach drains out through their vagina making them dumber? That was you at your best.

That was Plutarch. You want to embarrass me by showing everybody that you know me a little bit?

Cezar, I do like your threads don’t get me wrong, but have you ever thought about starting a thread that wasn’t about Nietzsche? There’s more to life than Nietzsche, really. :slight_smile:

This thread is about renaissance. Don’t get me wrong, but there is twice less than Nietzsche in the world.

No this thread is about Nietzsche, if it was about the renaissance you would not mention Nietzsche as he was born long after the rebirth of “civilisation”. You seem incapable of not mentioning Nietzsche in any thread, as if he had some wisdom retroactively on the whole of human thought.

The renaissance assuming you mean that as usually taken happened when information about the Greeks and Romans etc started to flood into Europe and awakened the intellectuals. One could argue the age of enlightenment spawned people like Nietzsche but he was not an instigator of a movement per se. Why mention Nietzsche at all is my point.

Nietzsche is god to you all anyway.

The entire world is doing everything to suppress him, because if there was only once a competition about him, the majority would lose it.

I like to hit you with that hammer over your empty heads!

You sound like Thor, all fury and no sense. Cezar there is really more to life than your God.

Nietzscheu akbar!

Cezar, I’m perfectly willing to defend what I’ve said. Are you willing to listen?

PS, I doubt anyone could leave their home and lake at 30 days old. At least, not without a lot of help from either a parent or a guardian. Be that as it may, I mean what I’ve said, above.

You and I had this conversation before numb-nuts. You never make anything up purely from your own imagination, be it from the decameron or plutarch, it always has to tie in with Nietzsche in some way. You wouldn’t even fuck a woman if she wasn’t related to a woman Nietzsche hearted on. You don’t possess one iota of original thinking. Pure reaction, no philosophy.

Go grab one of the moderators you little sissy. Or start cursing in your native tongue like you normally do. You always do this when confronted. Yet not once have you ever been known to post something original. Not once. Ever. You don’t even exist as a individual in this regard, you have no life, you’ve been totally and completely eclipsed by a man who died long before you were even born. Your a still birth zombie, incapable of humanity or original thinking in the least.

Can anyone link me to a original idea or original thread made by Cezar here? I’ll check it out once my ban is up. I honestly don’t believe one exists myself.

No need, we see things by ourselves. Keep things within forum rules, or you’ll get a formal warning and a month ban.

Other contributors to the thread, also keep things civil please.

If that means that I never avoid the truth in the opinions of others, then the answer is yes. Actually, how could I ever love anybody if I haven’t given them the right on my own thoughts and if I don’t share any thoughts with them?

“Truth is necessary for the passions to exist, otherwise we will always be angry about our mistakes” - Descartes

Decadence doesn’t want the change.

I see no reason why a fixed cross or a christian overman would want a change.
You can destroy the cross, but he will fix it.
You can invent an overman, but he will come and require he must be christian.

Dirty lazy ugly people.

Right after my post, this earns a warning. 4-day ban for 3rd warning.