Spirit vs Materialism

Ancient peoples, as far as i have seen, have believed that the main causal force of physical manifestations, is grounded in spirits. They say a spirit, or the first spirit, created matter, and others say how the gods created this and caused that.

I believe it is much easier and more likely that if there were a God, it would have to be a physical being and not a spirit, in order to create things which will typically be in its own likeness. When we study as to the deeper processes of nature, phenomenon all or mostly seem to originate within a physical force and a physical cause.

Christians in some cases denounce spiritism and anscestor worship, claiming that these things are evil, but, that is what the jews did during religious conflicts. They claimed their God was the biggest and the best, then said the other gods were either not real or demons. Christianity originated within spiritism. The bible’s inspired writings were based on channelings and mediumship, from “prophets”, or people filled with “the hole spirit”, which is just a spirit with the name “holy” attached to it.

People don’t worship visible things. They tend to worship invisible things which they can’t see or feel.

Why people do this i don’t know why. All the rest of the species on earth don’t have religions or prayers.

This brings us back to aristotle concept of causation

which led to the christian concept of first cause

If anything moves in this universe, then something caused it to move.

If this is so, there must be a first cause, and I term that first cause as GOD

The first cause is fuzed with all other causes and effects.
It’s not a separate thing.

If the source of reality isn’t reality, we start talking metaphysics.

What if humans are incapable of assigning “causes” to any event in the history of mankind?

What if Causality is fictional, and that any human “rationalization” of events is a fabrication of a person’s imagination?

Would this cause any problems with philosophy, science, religion, or general human knowledge and epistemology, to base knowledge directly off of imagination?

And then whomever has the “best” imagination exists as a standard for “causation”?

My first post talks about spiritism compared to materialism.
I’m not going to argue whether cause and effect is objective.

I remember watching a show the other day that had Stephen Hawking and some other guy who was narrating and the topic was “Did God create the Universe” the narrator didn’t think so and Hawking said that from the evidence he has he doesn’t think so etc. etc.

I was very unimpressed by it all because of how incomplete it seemed, their basic argument was “time didn’t exist before the big bang therefore God could not have existed to have created the universe” and that " Sometimes things like protons just pop into existance for no reason".

I was left wondering how that was suppose to be a scientifically sound argument? They don’t really know how things pop into existance but it couldn’t possibly be God? What?

I was expecting for the shows explanation too knock me down a peg but in truth it made my preconceptions of the credibility of certain scientific claims drop.

There’s a big difference between claiming God is impossible, compared to claiming God is unlikely.

Unpredictable protons just means we can’t see the full spectrum of how the protons work.
It’s not a proof of creationism.

I don’t consider reality random but at the same time, “God” as a theory or concept is just swamped with crap.
Everybody’s got something to say about God, as if they were so smart.

If you don’t know how something happens what makes any Idea “unlikely”?

Preconceptions I’d say.

We can rationalize. I’m not sure if you’re a fan of rationalism, but based on what we do think we know,
we can make estimations about the unknown. People do that allot.

I like Rationality, not so much on Rationalism.

Things typically become a christianity vs atheism argument.
If you have seen allot of those, well, they aren’t that great.

What do you think is more causal in the universe, physical energy, or invisible spirit?

Good thing I’m not a Christian or an Atheist.

Any discussion between two stubborn fools isn’t very enlightening other than seeing the futility of discussion between two closed minds.

I have Ideas, but I can’t imagine I have any true Idea.

“Why does anything exist?” I really don’t know, I try too focus on more tangible human concerns. Justice, Virtue, Wisdom, Happiness etc.

I guess… invisible spirit seeing as how I don’t believe the universe is all that exists.

I think friendship is one of my main concerns. It’s tangible for me also.
For me, staying virtueous isn’t hard. I don’t do any of the ultimately unnecissary piss offs towards other beings.
I can’t feed all the poor and stuff but I can support friends and family in whatever ways i can find.

Ok i will try to remember that.

Personally I think the universe is mostly controlled by physical forces, not by invisible spirit intelligences.
This goes against western traditional magick theory, which I respect, but, I’ve got to disagree at this level that im at.

Maybe “this” universe is.

I believe reality is infinite.
Lots of realms and universes.
Ofcourse this isn’t because i’ve visited those realms. It’s just part of my rationalization. If one exists, there must be others.

In I way I’m interested in that theory that many works of fiction are windows too a seperate reality i.e. a universe with Elves and Wizards and all that other “imaginary” stuff.

That would be the mental plane. Theorized first that the mind is its own unique substance, and then that there is a realm made of this substance to various degrees. Consciousness as a metaphysical force.

It is my present interpretation, that our original thoughts, our ancient
thoughts, were as follows, regarding spirit: The soul is the divine
aspect of a being, while the flesh is not directly divine, but instead
the flesh is that which has already been created by God. The soul is
made of a substance more substantial than matter, because the soul is
the creative force, and the body is the created force. The duality between
creator and creation, soul and body, is understood as also the dualities
of cause and effect. Our body is effect, and our soul is cause. Therefor,
in nature, all things are divinely caused, and naturally effected. The
soul’s nature, is in part, secret, only knowable by God, while the body
also bears some lesser secrets, and was created long ago, no recreating
itself due to itself.

Good stuff.

what if we look at the universe as a sentient entity of sorts. That we are a part of.