Spirit vs Materialism

That sounds allot like pantheism.

If the universe is sentient, and good natured, it must not be fully aware of itself,
otherwise it would do things to protect life and reduce suffering.

I’ve read some creationist manifestos in my time. The universe does have
a method to it, and it’s non-random, in most ways, but, I see a lack of intelligence
in natural designs. Life is so fragile and its design is downright shabby when compared
to the better things we can imagine.

This whole issue of creation is beyond me, but I have some opinions.

Life does not have to be fragile nor does life have to follow what we know it to be. Consider Artificial intelligence. or consider an accident of energy, just energy not, biology. If a radio wave or a T.V. signal can be cohesive then it stands to reason that energy can form a cohesive entity and if that entity grows and changes it may eventually gain an ability to learn and know. So if the universe has this then it is one entity and we are a part of it. Or it is a part of us.

Do you believe that the universe is alive?

I mostly believe in conventional magic theory, and part of that says
that each planet and star has intelligences, angels, demons, elementals,
etc. There have been people who have acted on this belief and have
had results with evocations and invocations of planetary forces.

I personally consider the universe only partially alive. But it has life in it, too.

Consider our bodies, we all have life within our bodies that is not part of our bodies, yet we need them to survive. Parasites, germs, etcetc. One entity with other entities within and out.
Do I think the universe is alive and has intelligence? yes, but not like us. there is a major vast unknown difference. I think that when a thing has so much energy with in it, the energies must have an affect on the whole. We cannot say our knowledge is the only knowledge, we cannot base everything on ourselves and our lives. we can understand that there is more because we know that one question leads to others. we know micro and macro, do we know the limits yet? no, I do not believe so.
I do think the universe can control its ways to a point just as we can. Energy is the key, not material. when energy goes through or flows through material we know that things can occur. Its not our brain but the energy that flows in our brain reacting to the matter or with the matter that gives us our self. Think massive.