spotting potheads

i was told recently that i “look like a person who smokes weed” - what specifically might that say about my appearance?

i wasn’t half-asleep or anything and i wasn’t stoned at the time, i would say i was dressed pretty commonly, not particularly disheveled or anything - so perhaps certain mannerisms, facial expressions? which?

if i am to correct my appearance i will need to better understand why i “look like a person who smokes weed”, so i turn to ILP for a list of possible reasons

what traits in YOUR eyes make a person “look like a person who smokes weed”?

This topic is relevant to my interests. I get this all the time, too, even when I’m not high.

People usually tell me that I smell like weed. Maybe it’s the smell.

More a mannerism thing as far as I’m concerned. Generally, heavy weed smokers come across as a little spacy and disconnected. This is largely due to the fact that weed sticks around in your brain for a few weeks after you’ve smoked it (kinda noticibly imo - during heavy smoking periods I always notice how I’m lagging a bit) and it makes you slightly less responsive, I think. Of course, some people are just like this anyway.

Obviously, certain dress senses kinda give it away a bit (long hair, wristbands, guitar strapped round your back), although even the most weed-smoking-like dressed might actually be a Christian rock group member or something, so its not that reliable an indicatorI guess.

Similar to what Brevel said, I’d assume it might refer to an unfocused-eyes-tendency (IE “being in your head”)… daydreaming or being lost in thought, with a tendency to limited reactivity from the environment–if somebody bumps into you at those moment, people would expect all your attention to focus on it, and for your body to really be into it, but instead you might keep on walking like you didn’t really even notice it (of course you did, but you might just be really focused on your thoughts, and you saw it coming anyway, so it was never a huge shock, and you don’t care to give it any attention after it happened). Just sorta of unattached and mellow.

I was told I looked like a stoner when I was in high school, and I had never smoked. I figured that was why.

Or maybe you laugh and say “woaaahhh” a lot, i dunno.

Mostly, it’s just a bullshit game. Unless you’ve just smoked and your eyes are semi-permanently dialated. there is nothing specific to pick up on. Mannerisms like being"lost in space" fit a whole bunch of people and may have nothing to do with weed.

I could just as easily say you look like you’ve been whacking off. (No, I don’t want to know) Umm, you look like you’ve been doing the neighbors wife! (I REALLY don’t want to know) The idea is to get a reaction from you - any reaction, and that then becomes “proof” that I’m right.

The next person who plays the game? Tell them that they look like they’ve been sneaking around like a peeping Tom. There has been one in your neighborhood. About the same size shoes, same shirt or jacket color, same height, etc… Again, it’s a bullshit game.

:laughing: Sean Penn, Johnny Depp just for starters. You can tell which people smoke weed habitually if even they are not stoned at the time. Some people just naturally have the potwalk characteristics. Its not an insult, to be told you look like you smoke. Its just a comment like you would say to someone “Looks like your leg hurts” because they limp. Think of it as a conversation starter. Don’t take it as an insult. If you want to know what a pothead looks like or acts like compare the two names above, watch their mannerisms, you may find yourself sharing some. I am married to a man that smoked up until about 6 years ago, he is 54 years old, he started when he was a kid. He sahres some Depp and Penn mannerisms from doing so. Slow not rushed,. Not daydreamy but, more slow thinking. Life is just good and easy. Thats the meat of the mannerisms.

Hollywood has taken two different paths when portraying stoners in film, one that is realistic and one that is played for laughs. Please provide me list that includes both funny film stoner characters and more serious dramatic potheads and druggies.


I have to disagree. Potheads are usually considerably uglier than normal people. That’s probably what they were trying to tell you.

yeah, that’s probably it - after all my handle is what it is for a reason :smiley:

They’re not uglier, just dirtier/bad dreadlocks.

Ok they’re uglier.

Potheads seem “looser” in terms of mannerisms, they speak and react at a noticeably slower tempo, often they’re more openly responsive in a friendly sense, and their eyes look… not tired but slightly more squinted than normal - in a relaxed rather than strained way.

I imagine they have no idea, in the same way that drunk people often think they’re not drunk. So it’s probably not something you can change.

There are those potheads. Then there is the army of workers who are celestially stoned all day, every day, and no one is the wiser.


This thread is HILARIOUS.

It seems to me that anyone who is saying, “This is what a pothead acts/looks like” has probably never smoked a lot of pot. The descriptions being given are pop-culture driven, pre-made identities. They’re not very realistic, IOW.

I know loads of people who smoke loads of pot.

And they all fit my description. I’ve only very occasionally had it because I don’t really like it that much. Does that mean I don’t know what my friends look like?

I think it interesting that no one here would accept being stereotyped. Most would take umbrage at anyone saying, “you look like… you talk like… you act like…” any stereotype. That would be a challenge to your special uniqueness, right? So what the hell is this thread about? Suppose the stereotyping is about something a little more serious - you know, how about a thread on spotting a rapist? Or maybe spotting a serial killer? A thread on spotting a nymphomaniac would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Is anyone here smelling the bullshit yet? :unamused:

i don’t follow you Tent . . .

i don’t take any offense at being stereotyped as a pothead - i admit to being one - i would just prefer to remain discrete about it for practical reasons . . .

It’s too late.

haha - i rely on the fact that i am anonymous here