Squirrels in the Park

I live across the street from a city park. Many years ago, I noticed that every couple of years, the adult squirrels get poisoned out so as to keep the population pleasant … for humans.

Imagine if you could forewarn the squirrels of their situation. You somehow speak to them in a way they can understand in order to relay the fact that they are going to be euthanized every couple of years. Would they believe you? Of course not. But imagine if they did. Then what?

I am pretty certain that squirrels don’t think in terms of who is more intelligent. And if that notion was presented to them, would they be able to grasp the reality of it? Would they be able to imagine why humans would do such a devious thing? I suspect that even if they believed that anyone would do such a thing, they would think that perhaps they could out fox the humans.

Of course they know nothing of chemicals or poisons. They merely have the idea that humans are going to kill out the older of them on a regular and eternal basis, endlessly, pointlessly. They can see that humans know a little more than they know. Humans have these huge machine thingies and babble to each other in strange mutterings. But certainly they can only do so much even with those dogs that seem to obey them so much. Humans are still merely animals like themselves.

Perhaps we should rebel!” one cries out.
We will disrupt their world!!
They can’t push us around!!
We should have equal rights!!

You perhaps try to get all philosophical and discuss the true purpose of life so as to calm their obviously futile endeavor. But all you ever hear from them is the same ole speech, “We should have the right to save our nuts just like anyone else!!

How do you relay to them that they actually do have the same rights and are being treated exactly the same way as the rest of the entire population of Earth. Perhaps you shouldn’t have even told them of the futility of trying to save their nuts.

Is it better to keep you ignorant regardless of the new technological/biochemical extreme situation of the world?

James…you believe that the city is poisoning part of the squirrel population in the park near your house in order to keep it pleasant in the park? And you think this because the younger squirrels are more pleasant?

Man are you ok?

NOW you’re starting to question his sanity?

I’m always questioning most people’s sanity…I just do it in my head and normally don’t say anything.

But the idea that someone is poisoning the older squirrels because the younger squirrels are more pleasant just strikes me in a way that makes me say, “ok there’s something going on here”.

To keep the population pleasant for humans means to keep the squirrel-population at a moderate size. City-parks are invaded by squirrels. Have a look here: squirrel birth control

I’m not the one keeping high and blinded on smoke and pills, dude.

Or are you saying that you are one of those who should not be told of your predicament?

Squirrel birth control doesn’t seem like that big of a deal man.

No, you manage to be, or at least appear high without the pills and weed :laughing: . Jokes aside, it’s a good point that you should contemplate mr r, preferably the next time while you’re high.

And the overabundance of squirrels in parks is obviously a top priority issue.

Step 1: Make a ridiculous statement.
Step 2: Predict that the ridiculous statement will be ridiculed.
Step 3: Claim it supports your argument that you predicted that ridiculous statement will be ridiculed.
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit?

And you manage to be, or at least appear to be childishly and typically ignorant even without the pills and weed.

No, they wouldn’t believe me. They would probably doubt my sanity or ask: “Are you ok?”
Squirrels are excused. They are probably overwhelmed.

What about beings with bigger brains?

A while ago I asked you in the “Machine”-thread, why people stay completely ignorant when they hear, that their ideal world might be in danger, that they can be easily replaced by machines, that they are directed…

You answered:

What would happen if they believed it? What could happen?

They would break the programming and if done often enough prevent it from being an efficacious method of population control (thus force it into being done right). The elite do not learn any more so than anyone else when they have no adversary. If what they are doing works, they never attempt to find a better way. There is absolutely no altruistic goal for them to strive for in anything they do. That is why success seems like such an extreme problem - they only know how to fight an enemy, not strive to perfection (or even determine what it would be). If they could have figured that one out, the Roman Empire would probably still be standing and with all of the techy advances at hand.

For those very few with insight, intelligence, and maturity;

I can’t view vids but, in answer to the op, yes at times ignorance is a tool that when applied correctly can be overall helpful. Getting any creature aware of impending doom can and does cause panic and chaos.
At times the species comes before the individual. Helping can seem cruel or immoral at times. Will individuals willingly walk to death in order to protect the species? In general , no, unless there is hive mentality. Or unless there is a very present sense of enemy or danger.
Most squirrels will expect or hope their neighbors to bite the bullet.

You can’t see vids?!?!
What’s that about?
The vid was a synopsis of the SG1 sci-fi episode concerning a population (Earth) that was convinced to go along with a population control mechanism offered by an alien race as an altruistic endeavor that wasn’t really for the intent they thought. The population was reduce 10 times more than agreed upon, but the population couldn’t know that because information was being controlled by the aliens involved.

And realize that this issue isn’t about the survival of the species of squirrels. The squirrel species is going to survive either way … although more in danger under the stewardship of Man than not.

dude its a metaphor for the establishment poisoning the human populace.

:slight_smile: You thought I was speaking of just squirrels?
My phone can get some vids but, some would cost me extra to view. Yours is not part of my plan., sorry.

:-s Did you think that I was?

…hard to believe that anyone would view this site with a pay-per-view phone. :confused:

:slight_smile: I am happy overall with my service. This is a small handsized phone anyway, vids are not so good on it. Yes, I like my phone, it fits in my back pocket nicely.

Back to the subject, my post fits squirrels or not. Ignorance is a very good tool when applied right.