Squirrels in the Park

This thread is intersting.

What would they do in that said situation? Would they believe it?
Most of them would not believe it. Most of them would do and believe what most humans do and believe. They would rather berate, attack, or even kill the one who has told them the truth.

Don’t squirrels practice infanticide as a form of population control?


That is actually a different issue. Squirrels, like lions and many creatures, behave by instinct. In stress, and often by chemical interference, an animal will act on the notion that one of its own offspring is a foreign body. It is minimally natural. They don’t do it for sake of their eugenics plan or insurance policy and seldom without chemical interference.

If the California rodent behaves that way more than others, I would very strongly suspect that it has something quite specific to do with the humans in California and what they are doing to not only rodents, but all creatures within their grasp.

The California gypsy moth was population controlled by chemically confusing their sexual recognition neurology through the use of hormones. They became unwittingly homosexual, incapable of distinguishing male from female. And with all discoveries of Man, soon after, so did a great many humans who had also been deemed as needing population control.

Squirrels are being acted upon so as to modify their own choices, not merely to kill them directly.

“They became unwittingly homosexual, incapable of distinguishing male from female.”
That is not homosexual. It is closer to asexual and or bisexual. Maybe not. Unable to distinguish is a new one on me , they may have a proper title for it. It certainly can’t be homosexual.
Interesting about infanticide, most species practice it in one way or another. There are issues with the parent or environment or the infants are ill in some way. Humans are the only condemners of this. This is good and bad.

I merely meant that they get the two confused, although usually settle for one or the other.

Settling for something other than what is desired is a typical animal survival behavior or so I have noticed. Even plants do this. Traces back to adaptation and evolving.