Star Wars: Episode III

So am I the only one on this board who can’t WAIT to see Episode III? I am by no means a Star Wars fanatic, but I’ve seen the other movies and know the basic storyline, but I have not been this excited about a movie in a long, long time. Out of the three prequels I think this one is by far the one I have been waiting for. Oh, the darkness of this episode! The idea of the “chosen one” falling is just so dramatic but yet so understandable because of the pressure anakin faces and how he is treated.

Here is, in my opinion, one of the best commercials out for it: … agedy.html

and here is the full trailer: … ailer.html

So who else is really pumped about this movie?!

I’m pretty excited about it too. This is the movie that has all the stuff in it that we have known was going to happen since 1983. It’s funny, I can’t think of another film about which I’ve know so much of the plot before seeing it, and still really wanted to see it anyway.
So, here’s a question that’s been on my mind: Many Jedi have to die. Who is going to kill Mace Windu?* Is that going to be one of Anakin’s many many fight scenes, or will it be someone else?

  • If you actually know somehow, like because you read some legitimate spoilers, please don’t tell me.

yes, it should be a great flick…

and hitchhiker’s guide was good also…

the robot, marvin, (rickman) is hilarious…


LOL. Nah I don’t know, however an Anakin vs Mace battle would be pretty bad ass.

 Yes it would, and I keep coming back to the question, because Mace is just important enough that they have to have him die in a significant way, but perhaps not so important to devote yet another awesome battle scene for Anakin- he already has to have 2 that I know about. 

Then there’s also the emporer, who probably kills folks, possibly Count Dooku, and and General Grevious.

Yes, now I love this thread. I’ve been waiting forever for this movie to come out. I’m seeing it on opening day. I’ve read the book and I know what’s going to happen, in basically the whole movie. Since you’re asking not for anyone to tell you what happens to Mace Windu during the movie, (no offense or anything) why do you keep asking question’s about him? I know what’s going to happen in the movie, and I just can’t wait to see it on the big screen. You guys should also check out the music video that was released on the main site as well, it’s great and has some new footage from the movie. I’m a Star Wars fanatic and I know everything that is going to happen in this movie and I know I will not be disappointed.

I loved the real Star Wars films, but the two new ones have been mostly vapid wastes of time, no offense. I found them insipid and dull, at least until the lightsabers came out. Then they finally came to life, at least til the fights were over.

Could there be a cooler thing to have than a lightsaber? :sunglasses:

I thought I’d wait a little longer before making a thread like this…I had been trying to build it up with other threads, but since someone has decided to go through with it, I figured, what the hell.

I’ve already finished reading the novel adaptation of the upcoming movie, meaning I know alot of interesting details…but I’m not going to spoil them to you all…however…

There is something I will share that won’t really spoil the movie expirience or give away anything important…rather, it’s something for those who know a little more about the sw uni than others do.

Remember Captain Needa in “Empire?” He’s in the movie…which in a sense is rather comical given the circumstances you’ll see him in compared with what happens to him later on in his life when it ends by the choking hold of Vader.

PM me if you want some spoilers…or read the novel…