Starcraft 2 (Zealots are not Ninjas!!!)

Man I hate Blizzard for giving no realese dates, any word?

As far as I can see their are some complaints in the game:


That doesn’t look too good. The original is the only way to go.

I work at Blizzard as a tester and so far it’s just decent, it really needs a lot of work

I can’t wait for the storyline, tsk.

Anyways won’t the light be too much, I mean the Protoss are tooooo bright.

You need to tell them to NERF WARLOCKS AND DRUIDS!

Keep druids the same, baby.

You fail. Catsrate rogues.

Hey there wink

Death to shapeshifters.

dislike’s gta 4, but likes world of warcraft.

i will forever read all your posts with an air of suspicion hanging about. :smiley: