Starting sociology 101 in a few weeks; what can I expect?

I’m taking two classes (english and sociology) at a local college for joint enrollment. After english, the only class left was sociology, which I signed up for, but I really don’t know what it is.

From Wikipedia:

Could someone elaborate, specifically on what I’d be likely to experience/learn in an introductory course?

Presuming it is an introduction to sociology, you’ll be introduced to three fundamental thinkers, Marx, Weber, and Durkheim(sp).

Marxist theory will be about the politcal economy and the division of labour being the driving force of society.

With Weber it will be ‘rationality’ or ‘reason’ and bureaucracy being the driving force.

And with Durkheim it will be religion and tradition.


You will be introduced to how the various groups move and behave. In the 60’s a sociologist research “Why so many Blacks appear to be unemployed.” Turns out they were not, but worked at night as janitors.

Love the class!



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