State of the Union: Outline for more war?

Prez Bush addressed concerns about Iran, iran’s uranium, and iran being the worlds #1 state sponser of terrorism. Anyone else getting the feeling a war in Iran is impending? Perhaps for reasons of making a huge oil pipeline from afghanisatan to Iraq?

Isn’t it obvious?? First he invades Afghanistan with the excuse that he’s looking for Osama. Then he invades Iraq with the excuse of finishing what Daddy Bush started. Iran is in between these two…and that’s no suprise.

In retrospect, this really is a war against Muslim-based lifestyle. Today the Middle East, tomorrow, China and South East Asia. The day after that, the rest of the world. American Imperialism calls for unity, but what good is unity when it’s supported by enslavement?

Tic-Tac-Toe! Three in a row!

Heh gotta love the daily show.

While I agree with the general sentiment, I think that these matters require serious investigation and to be taken very seriously.

Iran is a massive country. It contains more than triple the amount of people as Iraq and is marked by mountainous terrain. It would be a grevious mistake to think that a war could or would happen easily here.

Right now, the U.S. is simply not in any position to attack any other countries. Unless US leaders were willing to present the world with a full mobilization of its forces and production capacity, any words by President Bush fall on deaf ears. The US can’t even handle Iraq, which pales in comparison to the bloodshed that would inexorably follow an invasion of Iran.

The decision to go to war with Iran would be a historic day. Vietnam would be a blip in comparison. US planners know this, and they can’t deny it. I really believe that if Iran was invaded, all sense of Justice in the West would be lost and the world would enter a new order of overt US imperialism - different in kind from what we see today.

Iran has been itching to have a civil war for years now… remember the domino effect in south east asia? you will see a new domino effect in the middle east…

besides, the american left can whine and complain while iran builds a nuke and we won’t have to worry about it… israel will take them out…


If attacking terror was the true reason for toppling the regimes of Afganistan & Iraq, the Iran is the logical next target. There’s probably no nation on Earth that’s spread more Fundamentalist Islamic terroism than Iran- indeed, most intelligence experts that study terrorism say that the current strains were invented there.

Toppling the government of Iran would be the work of a couple weeks, maybe easier than Iraq. Our problems in Iraq are not military; the military did it’s job. Soldiers cannot and should not be police. Their job is to kill people and break things, plain and simple. If the soldiers have killed everyone we want killed, then we should bring them home.

BTW, I’m not advocating we invade Iran. I think we should enter some type of dialog with that country to address the issue of terrorism, but I doubt it can lead anywhere. The Islamic government there needs hatred of the US to legitimize itself and distract their populace from the failings its own failings, much like our government uses the war on drugs as a distraction here.

I would just say that I believe you underestimate the capabilities of the Iranians and their (that is, the people and the government) hatred of American imperialism; therefore the will to fight. 90 million people in a mountainous country poses more problems than 30 million in a desert - not to mention a country with a decade of cripling economic sanctions.

It is true that the US military could “take on” any nation, of course. But, you are wrong to assert that the problems are not military in Iraq. Indeed, they are fundamentally so. For, insurgents need to be fought by a military, not a police force. And without the military there, surely the government would fall - this would happen in the US or any other nation as well.

If the argument is that only the nuclear reactors will be destroyed, I can’t predict what would happen after that. Indeed, Israel might do the same they did to Hussein in 1982. But what would the reaction be?

Oh dear, here we go again. Conspiracies everywhere.

I don’t believe that the US even has the intention of invading Iran. I don’t believe it has the will, desire, capability or interest to do so. (Why would it want to build a pipeline from Afghanistan to Iraq???)

The problem is that anti-US sentiment is so marked in many people, they’ll see conspiracies, intents and reasons everywhere.

I bet that if the US said that it was retiring from Iraq, withdrawing support for Israel and closing military bases in the Pacific, some would interpret it as proof of the US’s intention to invade Canada.

Yes, ever since the great “Freedom” Fighter (USA) overthrow the democratically elected government in Iran and installed a puppet dictator (The Shar), Iran has been very fragile. The current Iranian fundamentalist government is what the CIA calls “blowback” – negative results of their (illegal and corrupt) actions. If you had left Iran run their own affairs, perhaps their would be a thriving democracy now?

The Domino Effect NEVER HAPPENED. The ignorance of americans about their own country’s policies is astounding!!!

NIxon and his band of mafiosos threatened that if Vietnam fell to the commies, other countries in the region (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia) would follow. That was their reason for increasing the slaughter year after year. But IT DIDN’T HAPPEN – even after the “great” America squirmed away with its tail between its legs after having been beaten by a bunch of peasants.

The Domino Theory was simply more lies and deception like Saddam having WMD and Al Quada having links with Iraq.

America can only invade and plunder sovereign countries by manufacturing and exporting fear (its greatest export). Sometime within the next decade, no one is going to believe them and, for once in their history, they just might be telling the truth.

America wake up…

Iran was making great progress several year ago before Bush blew it apart by naming them as part of the “axis of evil”

Up till then the young (70% of Irans 65 million were under 30) were disillusioned with the religious conservative policies and were pushing for radical reforms.
The reformers where making great strides and the fundamentalists were increasingly being sidelined.

Then Bush blows it apart.

Iran had nothing to do with 9/11 but was now targeted for possible attack.
The Iranians quickly united behind the fundamentalist who now took full control
The reformers were pushed aside and the young were fired up with their very own fight with Satan (USA) just as their parents had been a generation ago.

To this day, the reformers said they lost 10-15 years of hard work by that one stupid, cowboy remark. America may find it will cost them dearly too, only time will tell.

By stating it’s not a military problem, I mean that only in the sense the we could easily kill every man, woman & child in the middle east if we so desired. 90 million or 900 million, it would be no difference to us. If the US was really the “great Satan” that many ill informed and brainwashed people believed we simply do say and take what we want afterwards.

We have no incentive to install another Shah (from a Persian word for “king”) as the world situation has changed, ie one superpower left, the US. There are a lot of pro-democracy Iranians, and I do think a “domino effect” will be likely as other people living under dictators in the middle east realize that freedom and self determination is possible.

We may yet see if Islamic people are ready for democracy or if the concept is incompatible with their religions.