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I looked at one of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations on-line and found that if I wanted to rent a car for tomorrow, the rate on an Economy car (Chevy Aveo) is $44.54/day.

Just the rental car fee alone (if $18) would be equivalent to a tax rate of over 40%!

How the hell can they approve that!?

Because it means they can steal more money from you. Think about it, the skim is probably about 20%. So if someone made that much off 800k last year, just think about what they’re going to make this year. Robbery is a tricky game.

Yeah, but someone has to circulate a petition demanding a public vote on this one, or something!

Pav, I sadly believe this is just one of the realities of life we are fixing to deal with in the next few years. Public transportation will probably get pushed for more strongly in the future.

Public transportation itself is just fine with me. It wasn’t that long ago that the U.S.A. was #1 in mass transportation and I believe we are now dead last amongst developed countries. Where I start to get pissed off (just like the smoking thing) is where one specific industry gets targeted for taxation or legislation. Wouldn’t it be easier to just raise the overall Sales Tax by a tenth of a percent for a few years or something?