stella is a com central show. its good

yeah its good.

they are so brave. they say the stupidest shit and the obscurest references. and they are good actors. i think two of the three of them are from kids in the hall.

its on comedy central after 9 pm, not sure when.

the problem is that the advertisements suck and they annoy me. and im sure they annoy everyone.

just watch the show, dont let the marketing fool you. i dont want this thing to be cancelled. too many original shows are cancelled.

enough with the weed already.

first of all i quite smoking weed weeks ago.

second, your name is embracetrees.


I second the vote that Stella is an entertaining show.

None of the main characters appeared on Kids in the Hall. But this show does have a similar sense of humor.

Any show that gives me a chance in the pilot episode to explain who Mengele is to the friends I watch television with, that is a good show. :slight_smile: