I have always thought about what white stereotypes are out there. And none of them really bother me exept one. Racism, I feel like its ok for everyone to be racist except whites. Does anyone else ever get that drift, or is it just me and my local area.

If a white guy walked down hollywood blvd with a shirt on that reads “white power”, Do you think he will make it very far?

Isn’t the precisely the point, you don’t know what it feels like nor means to be on the losing side of racism, you don’t share a common experience with minorities who have had to face it all their lives, so what right do you have to employ it.

Or more specifically, whites just don’t understand.

I can understand that, but i dont employ it. I just like being able to tell a joke without being scared of being “racist”. I have nothing against any other race. I think racism is Dispicable, but i have a sense of humor, Its only langauge. its like people think because someone said it its true. Or that i personally feel that way.

Yes, but you do not know how it feels to to hear a racist joke having experienced the racism personally. I, however, see no inherent harm in equal opportunity racist jokes, but there is a time and a place, and if you are not capable of understanding when it’s inappropriate, then in telling racist jokes, you run the risk of offending people who, perhaps, ought to be offended.

Another less politically motivated example of this would be “your mom” jokes. Some people can withstand someone saying anything about their mom, others cannot. The trick, if you’re going to use “your mom” jokes, is to understand when and where to use the joke, and to understand that people have the right to be offended by them, just as much as you have the right to tell them. If you tell it to the wrong person, they’re going to label you as a dick, asshole, or sob…Just as if you tell a racist joke around someone who is offended by them, they are going to call you racist.

It all comes down to the fact i dont care what people think about me. So words cant hurt me. I can only be hurt with words by people i really care about, and thats if they truly mean it. Words are just words without meaning. People are too sensative, and need to have a sense of humor.

You can’t expect John Q. Idiot to be so mature about things. Most people just hear certain words and come back with ready made responses. They can’t have a sense of humor about things when they’ve got all these emotional convictions about trivial things.

Well, I would imagine that being white, puts one in a unique position to go unaffected by words and slurs…having a cultural lexicon that cannot harm you goes along way to fostering this point of view. Naturally, I agree that it is silly to be offended by words, but I am also a product of this immunity to the cultures lexicon, and I personally do not understand what it means to be offended by words and jokes.

What I do know, is that people with different backgrounds than me, are sometimes offended by words and jokes. I do not understand it, and rather than shitting all over it for this reason, I respect it for this reason.

I think emotions are held in to high of esteem. to me…emotions are another form of human weakness.

I disagree with you there, but I once thought as you did…and I’m afriand this way of thinking is also the product of ones unique position in society. I was free to slander emotions because I never had to face hate or any great harm to who I was, I was experiencing the world in a uniquely white way, in a way that elicits no emotional response, because one lives in a society where one is never questioned at a fundamental level. When one is constantly experiencing an un-earned affirmation of the way one behaves and thinks, there is little need for emotional response.

I now find this existence extremely shallow and abusive, and the systemic nature of racism in our society produced in me, this one dimensional abortion of an existence.

Deciding to respect something rather than shit all over it when you don’t understand it seems a bit arbitrarty. Isn’t that how we’re supposed to proliferate the lexican that you’re talking about which provides us with that immunity to insults? That seems like a good reason to shit all over something to me.

I do not respect the lexicon that provides me immunity, I respect the unique experience that generates alternative internalizations of social interactions to my own.